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Hey everyone, I started Facebook ads about six months ago and I was curious as to what I should set my conversion event to. We sell products (drop shipping) just to be clear. There's view content, add to cart, initiate checkout, add payment info, and purchase.

We're at add to cart right now but we only get about 6-8 conversions a week, but we get about 200 link clicks weekly. Should we change our event to view content?

I'm very confused because if our pixel is made to add to cart and we get very little of that, does the pixel think it's doing a bad job? Or does it take into account the link clicks and post engagements to know that our ad is heading in the right direction?

And one last thing, if we were to start new ads at view content instead of add to cart, when would be a good time to change the ad to add to cart, initiate checkout, purchase etc.? And should we target only the people who viewed our content? (Because we "warmed them up") or should we target the same market with conversion event down the sales funnel (such as initiate checkout) on the assumption that the pixel has optimized the ads to show to people who are more likely to view our content, which in turn would narrow down the people who are more likely to purchase our product.

I know this was a long read but I wanted to be thorough as possible haha. Cheers!
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