Best way to promote a YouTube video on Facebook?

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What is your experience with promoting YouTube videos on Facebook? In this particular case, music videos.

Do you share the YouTube link directly or you think a short video teaser with a link and "learn more" button to YouTube is better?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    I usually follow the second option and it does works good for me. Besides the first option where you share your youtube video directly doesnot give much traffic.
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    How long should the video teaser be?

    Take this information in consideration, if the video is less than 30 seconds when you play it it will loop until you stop it or click the "read more" button, if it's more than 30 seconds it will play until the end and then stop, showing the "read more" option.
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      It would probably be best to have around 15-20 seconds of video that then stops and displays a "read more" button
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        A video teaser for sure would work better, curiosity helps to get more people to see what the original video is all about.

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        The thing is videos lead to less clicks on link than sharing the YouTube link, for example. But I guess I can compensate that with a little boost focused on clicks.
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    Join groups related to your niche. If you are into music, check up on big music groups, join them and promote your video right there. You never know. If people like it, you might see it go viral right there.
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    Before posting ANYTHING... make sure your target audience is gonna see the post. It's ineffective if you just post because the right audience might not pick it up. Find groups, pages etc. related to your genre, and even pages liking people of similar musical quality... I don't know your genre but I'm sure you can think of some artists. People that like their stuff may also like yours. So find these pages and join them. Then introduce a teaser. And in the description and/or pinned comment just make sure you ask people to share if they liked it. Really simple but gets a lot more views.
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    Thanks for the help.
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    I have used both these methods. But I realized that a catchy teaser with a link and "learn more" button not only looks organized but also works better.
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    Search related groups on facebook, join then and promote your video there.
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    I tried both ways, and the video is more appealing yes, but receives much less clicks than sharing the YouTube link directly (1/3 the clicks maybe). :/
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    You should try facebook advertisement.
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    I used to post direct link of my video on my Facebook page and groups.
    I also post on relevant FB groups and pages.
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    you can use your link in facebook...and you also share a short teaser of your video so that the video can reach many ...
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    the should be short and that people get interest on your page..
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    A little teaser and the link works OK for me Bruno but what works really well is to share other user's YouTube videos on Facebook. These folks dig your generosity, befriend you, and share your videos on FB and other networks, expanding your reach.

    Keep giving, and expecting nothing in return, and the getting becomes easier and easier.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    There are so many ways available for promoting your YouTube videos on Facebook. But here i have i have given few of the methods for you to promote your YouTube videos on Facebook. By following these you can promote your videos. The ways are:
    Create Your Facebook Fan Page and Start Branding
    Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page
    Promoting Your YouTube Videos Effectively
    Sharing More than Just YouTube Vlogs
    Maintain an Active Social Presence
    Start a Facebook Group for Your YouTube Channel
    Keep an Eye on Your Facebook Activity
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    Once you post just boost the post.. I find it's the easiest and you can target as well
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