If You Could Use Only One Social Sharing Network Which One Would It Be?

by Ged3
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Hi All,
I have a question for everyone:

If You Could Use Only One Social Sharing Network Which One Would It Be?

If you could give your reasons as well please.

Here is my answer:

Youtube, because you gain in lots of ways, you gain visitors to your website from links in the description area of the video, you can put any message across vary clearly and you have to option to engage with people through comments.

As Google owns Youtube any links to your website or blog will often benefit.

Please let me know yours. I know Facebook and Twitter are also very popular!

Best Regards
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    I would use them as my top three reason being they are the top three on internet traffic according to Alexa.

    If I had to choose one social it will have to be facebook because I like their groups section and cpc campaigns.

    However should experiment with all three.
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    YouTube and Pinterest - without any doubt.

    I love Pinterest because of its 'viral' affect. If you have a powerful content, it can go viral and open the floodgates of traffic. I love it, and I've personally tried it as well.

    On the other hand, YouTube is giant! Some of my customers have more than 2500 videos, and they are earning a lot. Some are earning $4,000 in passive income, and some are earning $1,500 too. It's all about niche.

    And, they earn without selling any kind of Amazon or ClickBank product. Since, through YouTube ad program, they earning through PPV, as YouTube pays around $1 for every 1000 views.

    So, if you have even 1,000 videos, you can imagine how much you can earn through them, without selling any product or service. It will be a passive income completely.
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      Hi Kate,

      I had not even thought of the option of monetizing Youtube in that way! That's a good idea.
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    It would have to be YouTube as that's where a great deal of my traffic comes from.
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    I like Facebook. Primary reason is huge audience, people love to share and like the content. Content becomes viral quite easily. You get link and traffic diversity.
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    Thank you all for your answers.
    It is interesting to see how people use different social media so successfully.

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    Unless this is market research for a "how to use ______" product, or you're simply curious, I don't see the point of the question.

    The social network you should be using is the one your target market uses.

    For example, as I understand it, most of the users of Instagram are teenagers. Most of the markets I target are aged 50+, and only use IG to keep up with what their grandkids are doing.

    On the other hand, many of my prospects are active on FB or LinkedIn. My efforts are better served focusing on those networks.

    Why do you think panhandlers so often set up near fast food drive throughs?

    People coming out have bags of food, and often, a fistfull of small bills and change they haven't put away yet. So the panhandler is likely to get some of that change if the person is open to donating at all.
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    These are the main two social media that I do a lot of sharing
    Facebook has a lot of different groups and campaigns that you can share

    Twitter , is my 2nd social media that I do a lot of sharing to make sure your post gets seen it to hashtag and retweet
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    I agree with Steevo regarding Youtube "Its easy and its free".

    it can also be effective for the amount of time you put in.

    Danielle's comments regarding Facebook are spot on - the Groups can help you to be very successful.

    I can understand John McCabe's comments regarding the target audience, but Youtube has an audience for most of the products or services that I promote with billions of users you can always find people even in the smallest niches.

    Before I post on any social media I always check with a few keywords to gauge how much interest there already is.

    Best Regards

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    Hi Mark,

    thank you for sharing this with us.

    Its good that you can get traffic this way.

    Can you divulge how you can make money from traffic you receive?

    Best Regards

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    Pinterest -


    - Pinterest has proven to send consistent traffic which includes buyers based on my results

    - I have pins from 2 years ago still getting repins & sending me traffic (longevity)

    - they aren't owned by evil Google (more trustworthy & less bumpy)

    note for some niches Facebook or YouTube would work better IMO.
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    Thank you Wentzco,

    Pinterest is quite easy to post to - does not tack too much time if you already have a good image.

    Best Regards

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