Facebook reach on large news niche - plummeted last 7 days

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Are there any warriors here who can help?

We run a popular news site and Facebook page. In the last 7 days, the reach and referral traffic from FB has plummeted.

I know one or two other people in a similar niche that this has happened to, but others seem to have remained unaffected.

Possible reasons:

1/ Clickbait headlines - to be fair, our headlines are no more or less sensational than the major newspapers and others in our niche. We've had very healthy engagement for the last few years and have survived all of the major FB algorithm changes (with a few inevitable bumps here and there).

2/ Facebook went 'offline' recently - the recent decline in reach and referral traffic completely coincides with the two days last week where Facebook got knocked offline. It was widely reported. What hasn't been quite as widely reported, though, are other pages noticing a dramatic decrease in reach. Has anyone else got any more info on this?

3/ Trolls/competitors - some of our content attracts a LOT of attention, and not all of it is wanted. Due to the volatile nature of politics at the moment, could we be victim to paid saboteurs (who may be reporting our stuff as spam or something)? Is there a way of knowing that this is taking place? Can we protect ourselves?

Anyone out there with experience, I'd love to get your views on this. It's pretty dire at the moment.
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    We also have the same have the same issue ((
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    I also have the same problems in the last 20 days.

    Also, Facebook Instant Article earnings are down for 50% at least, and I don't know what's happening.
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    There is a way
    Check the trending posts on Facebook
    And hashtag your posts accordingly.
    You will get more and more traffic.
    Good Luck.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    Facebook recently updated News Feed Algorithm, which focus on two points.
    1 Trending Topics - According to this update they will show timely content which is trending higher-up in News Feed.

    2 Timing of Likes & Comments
    Instead of looking just at the Like count of a post, Facebook now considers when people Liked & commented on the post when deciding whether to show the post at the top of the news feed.

    This might be the reason for less reach.

    Hope it helps.
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    Related or Unrelated I am not sure but I run a pretty large Instagram page the last 5 years and they went off line as well and since then the exact same thing happened. Any ideas please share info here I will do the same.
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    I think trusting Facebook as a liable asset is a bit crazy.

    They changed more frequent and with less predictability of Google.

    You maybe will never know the answer, instead, diversifying more your traffic sources maybe could be the solution
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    it's may be their technical problem
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    Facing same issue. Any help from experts is highly appreciated. Don't know if it's a problem at their end or some new algorithms.
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