What do you think about bought FB likes?

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Hey there
This is actually my first post here ever...
I am not new to IM/Online Marketing but I never really made any money with it. I actually invested quite some without getting anything in return yet...
Anyways after my 500th marketing email in my Inbox again I thought well lets give it another try...

So basically I started my first "real" website: (link removed by moderator) and started to curate/ create content. I set up a FB page etc...

Today I decided to buy some likes and now i have like 100 likes or so from mostly asian people... Nothing against asians, I love every culture
But I am not sure if thats actually going to help my business in any way? Like I see that some of those people are real and are kinda interacting with the videos i post and stuff but how much impact does it really have to have some likes?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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    It's a waste of time.

    Purchased likes aren't from people who are likely to be honestly interested in what you have to offer...if they are even real users.

    Anytime you post, only a small percentage of users are typically going to see it, so you might as well have it be users that are truly interested.
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    No thats aint going to help you best would be to go for adverts and let facebook bring engagement/likes for you
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    Thank you! I am already testing out some ad strategies
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    reach vs engagement...

    learn the relationship

    anyone who posts on this thread with a response that doesnt reference it is clearly not an expert you should be listening to...
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    Its a total waste of money. If you want to do some real damage then spend you money in FB sponsored ads.
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    With real damage you mean good damage? Or another waste of money?
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      Originally Posted by Sascha Blobel View Post

      With real damage you mean good damage? Or another waste of money?
      Bad. Your reach will suffer and you will be back on this forum in a few months, complaining how Facebook is scamming you because they won't show your posts to your fans unless you pay them.

      Learn the relationship between reach and engagement but in the meantime, delete ALL of those fake fans.
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    instead of purchase likes, put some efforts to get likes on FB
    that will help you better
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    Yea, instead of spending money buying fake likes, spend that money on FB ads and get some real likes by real users that have a real interest in your page. Engagement is going to be a big factor in FBs algorithm. If a high percentage of people aren't engaging with your posts then FB will penalise you.

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    Buying likes is cheating, and that makes you a loser.

    If the only way a profile/page/group on Facebook can get likes is by buying them, it's generally an indication that it's a steaming pile of manure that was never going to achieve anything. If it was any good, you wouldn't have to buy likes in the first place.
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    I have bad experience with the same.
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    instead of doing this you can get likes on facebook ...without wasting your money
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    dont buy FB ads it is waste of money...
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    Facebook has become more diligent in deleting fake accounts. Facebook announced they have plans to disable more than 83 million fake accounts. This means that all your new likes can be taken away just as quickly as you purchased them.
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    Post interesting content in your page and promote with FB ads.

    For example, do post engagement for $1/day, for 2-3 posts.

    Then, see which posts are getting more engagements and reach.

    After that, stop advertising the posts that gets less engagement and continue running
    those posts that gets high engagement for some period like 1-2 weeks.

    When you see one of your post gets high engagement, try to post similar posts to it.

    The post image is a crucial part. So try to make it eye catching and interesting as much as you can.

    After you build +5k FB page with targeted likes, set your ads so that it reaches similar people to those
    who've liked your page. Also, do conversion ads so that FB will optimize your ads for sales, leads ...etc.

    Hope that helps!

    - MrProfit
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    Hi, the Likes usually just follow your page sometimes and unlikely to respond or convert. Try boosting your ad or page with a call to action to get email list from targeted audience.
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    What is paying for a bunch of Likes gonna get you?
    Personally, I think it's a waste of time to pay for
    engagement as well. If you have around 2500
    friends, all you have to do is start liking, commenting
    and sharing with the post that show up in your

    How does this help you? People will Like your
    comments. Thank you for shares. Write a reply to
    your comment, and inevitably they will click through
    to your profile. This is where the magic happens
    because if your page is set up properly, they
    will click through to your website(s) listed in your

    This is free advertisement at its finest. Also, each time
    someone sends me an invite to Like their fanpage, I
    instant message them to say "You sent me an invite to
    like your page. Will you do me a favor and like my page
    back. Here's the link".

    The only thing these methods will cost you is a little bit
    of time. I spend an hour in the morning and an hour in the
    evening going through my feed to engage with different
    post. I also send out about 25 friend request a day to other
    internet marketers.

    No need to make this harder than it is. It's simple but
    consistency is the key to results.
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    If you are paying individuals directly in order to get them to like your site, you may find that the same person is creating multiple social media accounts just to reap the rewards. Instead of earning a large and eclectic amount of consumers, you're simply getting whatever is thrown at you.
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