My SaaS Brokering Business - Tai Lopez didn't teach me this!

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I wanted to share my SaaS brokering business with you guys. I started this business 30 days ago with only $150 of working capital. Not because I'm broke, but because I prefer to use the lean startup method when testing new concepts. I spent the $150 on getting a website up (domain and hosting), Yesware (gmail plugin), a decent looking theme for my Wordpress site and maybe a few other things I'm forgetting... the key takeaway is that almost ANYONE could start this business without needing to have a lot of money.

Here is the concept: take a social media automation tool, rebrand it by creating a new website and reselling the service to small businesses across U.S. and Canada.

I'm able to take a service that costs 9.99 to 24.99 per month and resell it to small business owners for $199 to $149 per month. Since I'm selling a automated SaaS product there is basically no work besides minor maintainance after setting up each client account.

Here is a screenshot of what I've been able to produce in 30 days:

I know the numbers aren't astonishing but most of that 30 days was spent:

-finding a way to generate lots of leads
-figuring out my cold email strategy
-creating an onboarding process for new clients
-Learning how to handle software malfunctions while client campaigns are running

Now that I've dialed my operations and ourteach system in I'm ready to scale and wanted to share my journey here with you guys.

Feel free to ask questions and stay tuned for more updates!

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    This is something amazing, And can be replicated. I would like to know what kind of end goals you put forward infront of your client and what of clients you usually target big business or smaller ones?
    Too many question running in my mind right now.
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      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      Still waiting for an answer.

      Tai Lopez didn't teach him to be responsive.
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      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      Still waiting for an answer.
      Sorry! I'm normally much more responsive but was dealing with some personal issues this weekend.

      The goals I put forward with my client are very specific to the type of SaaS service I'm brokering. I'm helping my clients grow their social media following so I promise them a certain amount of new followers each month. It's very simple.

      Most of my clients are smaller Mom and Pop's because it's easier to get to the decision maker and it seems to be more of an untapped market for what I'm selling...

      Hope this helps! Here's an update from over the weekend... over 1K/month now!

      Feel free to ask more questions! I'll try to be better about responding!


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    Great story and congratulations!

    I have a question as to how you've implemented another person's software on your website? Or is it like an affiliate type of thing?

    I'm unsure of the actual mechanics of reselling a software...
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      Hi Philberhane,

      Right now I'm managing the software platform for each of my clients by signing them up with their credentials and just monitoring the activity. There's not much maintainance (maybe 2 hours per week total) in order to keep all accounts running smoothly.

      The other end is managing the client relationship. Right now, I'm basically my own sales team, operations manager and customer service specialist.

      I outsource my lead gen and cold email outreach in order to line myself up with sales calls. I close deals and then setup the subscriptions. I have general communications that I send out to my clients during the onboarding process. Then I just answer any questions or address concerns as they come up with each client account (very minimal).

      Hope that gives you a little bit more insight!


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    Update: Having my best month... Next month I'll be over $5K in MRR.

    My goal is to hit $10k MRR before 2018 Q4. :-)

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