People who like my posts do not receive invites from any of my Fanpages anymore

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I am no longer able to invite people to like my pages after they like my posts. I am still able to click the invite button as usual, but people do not receive an invite. This is true for all of my business pages.

I do not receive the dialogue that tells me I've reached the limit or anything like that, everything appears to be working as normal it's just that people who like my posts do not receive the invite when I click the invite button. This is true for all of my pages, and I've tested it by trying to invite myself, as well as a friend.

As you can see, I've had a massive drop off in growth on my biggest FB page:

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this maybe some sort of glitch, or has my account been disabled in some way? Have you seen anything like this?

Any help or insight is appreciated!
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