Effective Social Book Marking

by Voora
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Does social book marking effective in now a days?
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    Not much. Social Bookmark alone wont help you, Instead you will need high quality stuff
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    Reddit is one the best social bookmarking site
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    I think less help for you depends on how you are. Example:

    1. The news on your facebook is fascinating since reading the title and the eye-catching images, surely the tracfic will increase with the conversion rate and vice versa.

    2. Pinterest you beautiful design is the same.


    Good luck
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    The Top 5 Social Bookmarking Sites:
    1) Pinterest
    2) Delicious
    3) Reddit
    4) StumbleUpon
    5) Scoop.it
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    If you would like to promote your website on social media effectively, there are 3 easy steps that you can take consistently. Be everywhere, Be informational, Be consistent. If Social media platforms are free of charge, therefore, you will need to choose those relevant to your business. Besides the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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  • pintrest ic one of the best bookmarkind sites
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    Reddit is no doubt the best to get traffic,but to get a considerable good traffic you have to work a lot on it. Pinterest is good alternative if used properly.
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    1. LiveJournal
    2. Slashdot
    3. Digg
    4. Newsvine
    5. Pearltrees
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  • see, social book marking is effective but alone it wont work even if some social social bookmarking if effective:
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    Social bookmarking is the best way to promote your site socially. The bookmarking helps you to make your site or business a brand. But choosing the niche bookmarking site also helps you the more.
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    Reddit is best social book marking
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    Pintrest And Livejournal
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    Social Bookmarking is a great way to market your blog presence and drive consistent traffic by increasing your subscription list and visitor activity on your blog. After All, It doesn't hurt to place bookmarking icons at the bottom of your posts and spending few minutes bookmarking each time you publish.
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    Reddit,pintrest and digg using these gives a effective book marking.
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