I am looking for tips on how to successfully run a Facebook ad

by feedia
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I have tried a few different types of facebook ads....including image/text ads and video ads.
I have never had much luck......even when I got smart enough to narrow my audience by location and interests......my results where less than .03%. I really need to get into the 2-4% response rate to make it even worth it for me.

I am not looking for secrets here - but I would love to hear some insight from some people that have had some success!
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    i had the same problems. Any experts can help pleaseeeeee
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    Hi feedia,

    Marketing... rather than advertising, is the key.

    Advertising is not marketing, it is just advertising. Marketing takes you to a whole new level.

    Marketing is a science that measures results, analyzing those results for insights that explain "why" something works the way it does, or in your case the reason "why" it doesn't work as expected.

    The key concept to understand here is that we aren't just measuring by counting up the results. That is more like accounting and bookkeeping. Marketing is measuring with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose is to test and verify assumptions about what will work, so that we can discover not only "what" works, but "why" it works. That understanding of "why" is commonly known as a marketing insight.

    Before we even start to measure results purposefully, we need to decide what to test and select the best possible candidates for our test. While there are many things that you can test, some are likely to provide a bigger lift than other things, so you need to prioritize what you are testing so it doesn't take forever and a day to make a meaningful improvement.

    I suggest that you start with a test of "value propositions". Simply put, a value proposition it the reason "why" your audience should take action with your offer, and "why" now. Marketing is all about the "why", about whatever it is that makes people want to act.

    The process we use in my agency is to start with Value Proposition research. Quickly research online the words and phrase that are being used by your target audience to describe "why" they just made a purchase of whatever it is that you are selling, or why they didn't make a purchase. You can find this information in support forum discussions, product/service review sites, blog comments, etc. Note the exact words and phrases used by the audience that you intend to target.

    After you have gather those value proposition notes, use them to piece together some nice and clear value-centric headlines to test. Look for selling points to use as callouts in your ads, as well as on your landing pages. Then create a landing page with sales copy that precisely match the same message of your ad. Select 3-5 completely different value propositions to split test in your ad campaign.

    Create an ad for each of the unique value propositions, along with a matching landing page. Set them to run at the same time targeting the same exact audience, splitting traffic evenly among each ad, keeping all variables the same, except for the unique value propositions in each ad/lander combo.

    Format your landing page so that the primary value proposition used in your ad is also the exact same value proposition used in the above the above-the-fold section of your landing page. Any message mismatch here will likely be a conversion killer, so don't skip this step.

    Run the ads for a couple weeks making adjustments to try to keep the traffic roughly equal at all times for each of your various value propositions. At the end of that test period you are likely to have one or more value propositions that out perform the others in your test. Study the results and seek to understand why some ads didn't perform as well as others. If you can understand that then you have gained an insight. Use these insights to improve all ads for the next round of split testing.

    By improving your results, with each cycle of testing, you will be able to zero in on the exact message that your target audience finds most compelling, and utilizing those messages your ad campaigns are likely to become far more effective.

    Of course there are many other things that you can likely do to improve results, but value proposition selection and testing is likely to give you the biggest lift in the early weeks of managing your new ad campaigns. Just continue testing from there.


    Don Burk
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    What are you end goals? Are you trying to sell something or just bring traffic to a landing page.
    maybe you should play a bit more with you images and videos that you are trying to advertise.
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    i think the above details will help you to create and run a successful facebook ads..
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    I'm trying to get the best demographics to target for my movie download website, the ideas i currently have on the table are Arts & Entertainment since it's about movies.

    And also target people who liked certain actors/actresses fan pages, mainly stars from the movies i have for download.

    My partner say we should update the site with new movies every two weeks or so

    What other fb ad tips you think i should i consider?
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    I would say that it first depends on your niche. If it's good and relevant for recent times then it won't be too difficult to create a Facebook ad that generates money and gives a profit.

    But if your niche and message is off and there's not enough of people who are interested in such things, then you will have problems. Then you have to have much more experience and also luck to find an ad approach that gives positive returns.
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    If you are trying to sell a product and then focus more on promoting your product. But if your focus is getting views or increasing your traffic and rank, then focus on your content. Though both things are related too. Make your ads attractive in accordance with your niche. Put yourself in your prospective buyer's shoes and think of something that would make them interested.

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      Originally Posted by YourGoToWriter View Post

      If you are trying to sell a product and then focus more on promoting your product. But if your focus is getting views or increasing your traffic and rank, then focus on your content. Though both things are related too. Make your ads attractive in accordance with your niche. Put yourself in your prospective buyer's shoes and think of something that would make them interested.

      I actually will be using CPA/PPL survey offers not really paid products to generate revenue. I really need to find out what age group/gender/ income level/ country location mainly visits sites like mines the most and are willing to fill out a pay per lead offer to receive a free movie, I also want it to spread via word of mouth.
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    There are many ways you can run a Facebook ads successfully.Here i have given 5 best tips to run your Facebook ads..
    1. Mine audience insights.
    2. Create unique ad sets for each audience.
    3. Accompany ads with landing pages.
    4. Use striking imagery
    5. Establish a bid strategy and budget
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    you need to do daily activities on Facebook of ads day by day updates images,videos and text. you clearly shows own ads through the images and video share the page with friends and friend of friends and gives the satisfactory answer of question if asked by the viewers.
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    The best way is try to see someone ads and make similar one.
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    Facebook ad campaign is not free, so if you cant do it in a proper way it wont be work. There are few tips and tricks those can run successful fb ad, these are like:

    -Goal, this is very important thing here where you want run ad, is it for more followers, more sales, more engagement with people, you have to understand marketing objective of fb.
    -Target the audience, for what type of audience you want to run ads, are they kids, adults, for any old people. First you should have to make sure it.
    -Attractive image can get popular, so make nice image for your product and informative too.
    These things can help you to run facebook ad campaign.
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