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Hi! Do you have any examples of brands that shifted all their marketing efforts into a single marketing channel/platform, specially social media ? I remember Gary V giving an example but I can't remember. Any names, examples or case studies would be greatly appreciated.
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    I believe, all BIG brands promote their services not only FB, Linkedin, Pinterest, G+ or Twitter but lots of other channels also to make their presence everywhere and/or to make themselves as a BRAND among their target market.

    Not sure, which brand is that that shifted itself from many to only single marketing channel.

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    I can't imagine any reputable (as in well known) brand that would shift to only social media marketing. It wouldn't make sense to me to limit marketing to one 'channel' that you don't own or control.
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    well...we all know that FB is #1 when it comes to social media marketing. Do you think that we can market our business on every channel? I believe so. Every platform is different and is used in a specific way in order to reach the right targeted audience.

    I haven't heard of 1 specific marketing channel that has it all??

    Not sure of who you're talking about buddy...
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    I too believe in that ...every brand is using social media for their i dont know the single marketing channels..
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    thanks dude for that information...i will go for it..
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