Newbie: Social Media Marketing course advice and help!

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Hi all,

I have joined this forum to get some advice.
I'm a very big fan of social media ever since it made an appearance and spend a lot of my day on it. I run my own personal social media pages, along with my YouTube channel. I'm very interested in starting out in the social media marketing industry and hope to make a career out of it. But where to start is my question!

I currently work at a performing arts venue and have been asked if I want to do some things on our website, so I will be getting some experience with that.

Would anyone recommend doing a course that gives you a qualification at the end of it? Or just a course that will give you a certificate and experience?
I'm a little stuck on what type of course I should do! I know that I want to do a Social Media Marketing course though and preferably an online course. If anyone has any courses in particular that they recommend, then please do send them my way. (I'm from the UK, so I would need something that I'm able to do here).

I want to start studying as soon as I find the right course!

Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Naomi,
    Try Checking Out Hootsuite
    I Was Checking Them Out One Time
    And They Have A Course On Social Media
    You Will Have To Pay For It
    But You Will Get A Certificate As Well
    Check Out Also
    Follow Kim Garst
    Owner Of Boom Social
    She Has Some Cool
    Social Media Course Products On Clickbank
    She Knows A lot About Facebook
    An Industry Spokes Person On The Subject Of
    Social Media Marketing And Advertising
    She Not Only Teaches It,
    She Makes A Cool Living Doing It Too.

    Best Of Luck Naomi
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      Thanks a lot for this Ella! I have heard things about Hootsuite from other people too!
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    You Are Welcome!
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    I think the better certification you may have is results!

    I mean do you have a track record of the work projects you have made?

    Once you have live sites that speaks for you it's easy to find a company hiring you
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      Writing your own blog is probably a good idea is probably a good idea to connect to your social media accounts. Most goals for companies using social media is to make them land on their website (basically one type of conversion). You could look at this metric and improve it, by Googling it and going through forums.
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    You can start with the free Facebook Training courses at: At the end of each course, take the test and when you pass go print out the certification certificate.
    If you know anyone who could benefit from a simple way to earn serious money in their spare time, Would You Share My Simple System With Them?
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    Honestly Speaking, If you want to dive into SMO, then try to do post sharings on Facebook. You will learn faster and will also get to know how to do proper social media marketing. Facebook is the number one platform for SMO.

    You can then try Twitter also along with Pinterests and Imgur. The basic functions like uploading and sharing image are pretty self explanatory.

    You dont need a certificate or stamp from any institute to become good at SMO. The best individuals i know including me learnt SMO from nothing .

    Cheers. Hope Answer helps.
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    You may get a udemoy course
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    am also using hootsuite it works better than all....
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    There is a course in udemy that will take you from social zero to social hero using our proactive and practical approach. It is arguably one the most comprehensive online courses of social media; giving learners a great grounding and skill set to enter the world of social.
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    If you want to improve your social media skills or start building a new career in social media and inbound marketing then these free social media courses will help you get started and learn the ropes.
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