How to add Linkedin members?

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I am running a business page in linkedin through a profile. I need some green card holders in USA as my connections. Can anyone tell how to search for those? If i search in the "searchbox", only recruiters mentioned in their profile comes first.
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    I don't think you can easily capture LinkedIn profiles of green card holders. Unless users shared that info publicly in their LinkedIn account of course.

    That's why you're seeing several results of the recruiters' job postings since it's mentioned that they are looking for green card holders.
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    Exactly, Is there anyother way of getting free database or profiles of gc.?
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    Maybe you should launch a campaign asking this information along with other basis information like do they have Green Card?

    In exchange, offer some FREE gifts - some discounts code, coupon code, amazon gifts, access to some valuable information.

    You can explore more on facebook also.

    Hope, that helps.

    Good luck.

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    I also dont think its easy to capture the linkein profile..May be there will be another way for that..
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    this is not possible ...try to find other method..the user will not give their personal details in that..
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    It's not possible to capture linked in profile... it's very secure so, cannot get any user details unless they mention it explicitly.
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    I agree with Nice Sabino. It's not possible to gather private information in LinkedIn profiles, unless one shared it.
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    I agree with SEOptimization@1. You need to launch a campaign and gather the details explicitly. You can not get private information from linkedIn, unless members share it.
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