Facebook question, how can I target an audience that likes buying very cheap products?

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I'd like to target two audiences, A and B described as below. Please help

Is there a way to target the audience A who like buying very cheap products (such as cheap electronic gadgets, cheap clothes)?

I also want to target audience B who like buying high quality products (gadgets,clothes) rather than cheap products.

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    I usually start with this method of targeting:
    For audience, you can directly type in the Interest instead of browsing for them.
    - Interest > cheap clothing brands (list as many of them) for audience A.
    - Interest > for example: Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana...
    The problem is, you targeted audience might become broad rather quickly. In this case, add more "Include" or "Exclude" audience until you find your desired niche.

    Some suggested that you should keep your audience below 100k before scaling. I'm still experiencing this method, so I've got nothing more to say.

    As I know of, Facebook's recent changes made campaign reaches significantly reduced. They forced me to spend more on ads - which is not nice for a small brand like ours .
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    Its all with the targeting you are doing. No one can give you perfect audience.
    Actually Sometimes facebook adverts do changes with accounts also. Like I had an account running a specific ad and it was going okay nothing exciting.
    Then I started the same ad set on a different ad account and boom I am getting good conversion rate.

    So its very unpredictable.
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    If you already have databases for these target audiences you can upload those. Alternatively, you could just take an educated guess on the key characteristics of your target audiences (so basically do your research and create buyer personas).

    Hope this helps
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      Hi, i want to promote ladies leather bag on Facebook add ,than how i select country and how i select targeted audience ? What kind of keyword i should use?
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    You could also try looking for groups/ pages related to your target market, such as cheap gadgets. An example would be buy and sell groups where you can find a lot of transactions and ads from different Facebook users.
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    be the part of many groups as possible...and then watch their likes and interest and then target them..
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    You can try groups related to your targeted market, such as cheap gadgets to buy and sell an example where you can get lots of transactions and advertisements from different Facebook users and Twitter users.
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    You can create a page, and with your posts you can run an ad. Make sure that it is catchy though. You don't want to waste the ad you've paid for.

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    hmmmm, I guess you could target audiences but it wont turn out to be very specific. Would you consider to diversify and utilize IG too? Having different IG for different audience might work. Just leave a link on your IG.
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