Instagram promotions keep getting declined

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Hi everybody I am in the healthcare industry (acupuncture & Chinese medicine). A couple months ago I specifically made an Instagram account for the sole purpose of promoting my new practice to people in my area. The problem is literally every single post I've tried to promote have ALL not been approved. As you can imagine, NOTHING I am posting is in ANY way sexual. For example, a picture of hands holding Chinese herbs, a picture of an ancient box, a picture of a statue, etc etc. It is insane. They keep saying that my posts aren't in agreement with their policies.
Honestly I don't understand what is their problem and am almost starting to take it personally.
Any advice?
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    I have a very similar problem! Don't know what the problem is
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      Hi rocky, I appreciate your response, but it does not apply to my situation. I have tried several different posts, and despite the fact that literally none of them are in any way sexual or in violation of their 'policies', each and every one has been denied.
      I have followed all Instagram guidelines.
      Also I'm brand new to the app, have had it for about a month and have only made 10 posts, so I don't see how I could have a bad perception already...... again, since nothing I've posted is in any way offensive or sexual.
      As for being blocked by FB... I have never been blocked on Fb.
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    It's simple to solve.

    They have something against YOU: as an example you have posted previously an imagine which contains sensible elements, medical nature, and now they tend to ban everything you post.


    Just go here:

    Contact their department directly and explain the issue. With these links i assure you talk with an human and not an algorythm

    Be very polite and tend to admit your errors, consider that the knee is their hands not yours.
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    I've been to those pages. They do not talk to you. They will email you after several days and only to tell you that their decision stands. They terminated one of my ad accounts. I tried to take the 11 pages off that account and move them to my other ad account. Facebook allowed me to remove the pages, but once that was done, I could not put them onto my other account because I had no control of the pages. My admin rights fell off the page. Now we have 11 pages out there with no admin control. No one can respond to questions, notifications or in any way engage with clients. That doesn't hurt me. It hurts Facebook. It tells customers that Facebook doesn't really care about clients. This kind of mentality will come back to bite Facebook eventually. By contrast, I sat on the phone last week with the nice people at Bing Ads. They help me for 40 minutes and even followed up with two phone calls and some email resources. Bing clearly wants the business. From here on, I only use Facebook as canon fodder.
    Nick M. Walsh AKA Pendozer
    Slice Online
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    Hey, Awesome question

    The way Facebook and Instagram works is
    all automated,
    The number 1 rule is to read the advert policy
    and really understand what you can post.

    Once that is correct and within staying the the
    policy of Instagram and still not approved then
    the next solution is to message Instagram tellling
    them nicely that this ad meets your policy and
    nothing goes against it, Ask them why they
    haven't approved it, Also request for a proper
    check as the automated system do decline first
    timers a lot.

    Once the first ad get accepted then the rest
    becomes easy and as long as you stay within the
    policy then you should not have this problem again.

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      Hi boomer. Thanks for alll your replies. No need to get political here. This is neither the time nor place.
      After speaking with a few people in my age group (20s-30s) who studied marketing, I was told the best way to reach this group is social media, especially Instagram. I refuse to use snapchat or twitter, So I resort to IG.
      It's slightly ignorant to incessantly deny this as a form of reaching people in an area... calling people who use it "libtards" and "snowflakes" Really??
      Anyways, as to your 2nd response, how can I even message instagram?? There is no option to do so. I've also noticed they've removed the ability to "Appeal" denied posts. But thanks for your input
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        I get it. You're a kid. But what is your goal? What do you hope to achieve by reaching Instagram people? Did you buy into the illusion that they will buy from you? You may not understand this, because of your age, but people are essential "socially engineered". They are conditioned to respond in certain ways.

        If making money is your end game, then the formula is simple. Understand the stupidity of the average guy. Play to that aspect. Find viral stuff and make it fly. Example - I use a program from Ali G. called "TubeSift". It allows me to find the most viral videos on Youtube that are CC (creative commons). I look for stuff that has like 1 million views in just a week or so. I then create my own Youtube ads (30 seconds to 45 seconds) and then place my ads over those viral videos. Use the CARD system on Youtube ads and Boom! YOu got major traffic.

        I also use what I call "The Google Asset Model". Remember, Google, unlike Facebook, is smart. Google never penalizes Google. So I created a mind map of all these google assets that I use. This puts me on page one of google in usually about 12 minutes. And, I advertise on YouTube because you can get super deals on click from them. Simply drive traffic to your money offer - but make sure it is targeted traffic.
        Nick M. Walsh AKA Pendozer
        Slice Online
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    Maybe try contacting advert support and try to find answers from them what exactly is the reason.
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    Insta and fb are tricky! Try promoting something related to the product instead of the actual product.
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    try to contact your advert that you can get a help to solve your issue..
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    please contact your customer support for this issue..and try to solve it through them..
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    still this problem not been solved...
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    Creating an ad for Instagram is very much like making one for Facebook. You have to go through the same interface, in fact, as the Instagram ad system is simply a different set of objectives for the Facebook ad system.
    Read more here:
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    It's very common to get your promotions declined. It's better you read this tutorial and understand the reason for the declining. It will also tell you what can you do when your ads get declined.
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    You can file an appeal, you can try to fix and resubmit your ad, or you can discard the ad and create a new one.

    Before you do any of those, however, the first thing you should do is create a new ad with all of the exact same elements to it and submit it again. Try to do this at a different time of day from when you did it the first time.
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