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Hi all,

If a person is consistently doing the various activities on social media but still not aware of the results then what is the best way to measure the success of social media?

Thanks in advance
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    Best is not to perform all task together and do single task so that you can see whats converting good.
    But if you still want to do multiple task together maybe use some custom tags or referrers to track what links or promotions are working best.
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    I suggest - Please understand the meaning of Results first - Branding, Leads, Inquiries, Business, Traffic, networking, connections etc.. before you take your next step.

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    How i chose country and targeted audience on facebook post for weight losss product?
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      Suppose i promote a weigt loos product on my facebook fan page and using paid service of facebook, and i dont know how to select target country and target audience. In this case what should i do? By which method, and how i can select my target country and target people?
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    If you post something and no one is engaging in it, then that means it's time to start posting something different.

    Prime example: A DJ by the name of DJ.COM jumped out on the scene and he caught a nice audience. For a year or so he was doing well until people started to fade away and loose interest.

    So then he fell off!

    He went back to the lab and did some "DJ Analytics" and figured out that he wasn't giving the people what they wanted. He studied the trends and success of other popular DJ's which gave him a great idea.

    He came back, but this time with a Different name.

    What did he do differently?

    He came back - playing remixes of other famous DJ's who were at the top of the charts. People loved it!

    He grew a large fan base and like the smart guy he is, little by little, he started adding in some of his own music to "mix things up" and people loved it too.


    Because they already loved everything he played prior to his own music.

    Today he's known as DaDa Life - people love him! He tours all over the globe.

    Moral of the story. Give people what they want while you take your time and create your own....then feed it to them slowly.

    They'll like it, because they like you already
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  • In social media ,it is very much important to understand what is actual result and for sucess very carefull about Branding, uniqueness,intresting images should be there etc.
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    how to use social media to promote product?
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    if you are using the social media ..you should understand that first...so that only you can handle further..and you can able to succeed in social media
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    i think this will help me to solve my problem..
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