How do I create quality posts that drives traffic?

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Hi warriors,

I have a meme website and I have been struggling with Facebook. I see a lot of other meme websites succeed with Facebook. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I have been posting 1 to 3 funny pictures with links back to my site, but no luck. I see other Facebook pages posting every hour. Is that good? Or should I stick with 1 to 3 posts a day?

Also I have been struggling with content. What is considered quality content in my niche? And how can I drive traffic to my site with funny memes?
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    Best would be to post 4 times a day and out of those 4, post only memes 3 times and 1 time link back to your website.
    Keep a track of your competitors and see whats converting best.
    Also keep checkng your insights to see what kind of your posts are working best.
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    First thing is first... What is your following like on Facebook (aka how many FB page likes do you have?)

    Facebook formula for success:
    1. Build a Facebook following of 150k likes (plenty of methods out there on this)
    2. Post on a consistent basis (relevant content, can be "Shares" from other FB pages)
    3. Link back to your website 20% of the time (1 of every 5 posts)
    4. Boost one of these posts to your FB fans for $1/day (keep changing the post that is boosted every week)
    5. Make $$$ from ads setup on your "viral" website

    You might be posting really relevant memes, but if you don't have a hungry, targeted audience that is following you on Facebook, no one is going to bite.

    If you do have a strong following, you're going to need to boost posts in order to reach your full audience. Facebook has conveniently trimmed the organic reach of FB page posts over the past several years in order to encourage ad spend.

    Hope that helps. Happy to answer any questions.

    Digital Marketer | Investing Enthusiast

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    • Hi dbong. I currently have more than 24,000 likes. $1.00 Dollar a day? Does that really work, because it seems so low? How much traffic should I expect from your formula if I have my kind of following? Are there any other tips? And if you have the time please visit my page on Facebook and give me some pointers. Just search for PicturePunches on Facebook.
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      How do people make money from niche fan pages without selling any products? im curious to know what makes people start a fan page (i.e memes) and how they even make money or dont they?
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      • This is not the place to ask. But to answer your question, you can make money to promote someone else's content on your fan page.
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      Great post, interesting formula.
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      Thanks, I can profit from this advice, I hope.
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    Ah yes memes, the glory of the internet.

    If it's generic memes about anything pages like that can be really hard to make fly. If it's memes about specific topics, fanbase, fandom, genres, then there are more chances for it to go viral. But netizens often say that there is no sure-fire way to go viral. It just happens.
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    Post either every hour or every other hour and mix it up with videos.
    Videos get the best reach on Facebook and Memes will only get a certain amount of reach unless they are exceptionally funny and have virality.

    IM and Social Media Entrepreneur

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    Post less i.e. 2-3 posts per day, Try to share curated content more on FB page, You can also go live and can ask for options, Recycle your old useful posts, Share quality content.
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    Go on paid facebook, thats could help you.
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    Also, if the memes are your main content, then you might need more posts.
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    You could also try making memes out of certain series that are trending these days, ones that haven't been used much or are barely around could get people intrigued and start using it too.

    Anything funny or relatable, and easy to share on Facebook.
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  • Nice post to learn, how drive traffic?
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    How do you make money here
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    Why focusing in a niche so little and less predictable, which wont last?

    Build a page around a more serious niche and post regurarly linking back to your opt in page to build an email list.
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    You can post number of post daily but main thing is that you should post quality content and do not link every post to your meme site. If you regularly post and always use link in your content this is so bad for your and crawler make it spam.
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    I would say post once in an every few hour , try to post more in the evening and in the morning , that when the people do check their feed.
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    Post couple of interesting, informative and trending posts per day and socially share those posts. Add visuals to the post as well to make it attractive.
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    I have noticed some people mention posting more often. From my experience Facebook is not a high posting frequency platform. It's quality over quantity when it comes to Facebook. Posting too often can easily annoy fans on your page.
    Have you considered that maybe Facebook may not be the best option for your target audience and perhaps a platform like Twitter and/or Instagram might be better suited to what you're looking for?
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    Don't bored your customers with large content on Facebook, and be selective about what you're publishing. Spend more time crafting better Facebook Advertising posts. Remember: It's a job to post content to social that's interesting, entertaining, helpful, and/or relevant to the audience. This means picking relevant topics, writing delightful copy, and posting quality content.
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    Thanks bro dbong...this might be very useful for many of share more like this...
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    have some good contents in you a eye catchy stuffs in your page..
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    Quality is important. But still if no one visits your blog article, don't kill your blog yet. Instead, give it some rescusitation. Read this:
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    If you want to be successful on facebook
    There are 3 rules:
    Build a huge friends network

    Join as many groups as possible

    Have a content rich official page with daily updates

    If you want to succeed in content and traffic
    Write an interesting post with 2000 words
    Let it be useful to the reader(not for hard selling or promotion)
    Add up to 20 images and 2 video
    After publishing, do not forget syndicate your content in other top blogs and website to get huge traffic.
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    Here are 12 types of blog posts that can help you kick blogger's block to the curb and keep your readers coming back for more.
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    Create a viral content. Everyone wants to create viral content, but most people fail. That's because they don't pay attention to the sites that successfully create viral posts, day in and day out.

    The secret,is to write great headlines. 8 out of 10 people will click to read your content if you get the headline right.
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