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Hi guys! I am looking for some tool to export email list of facebook group members.
Is there any way?

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    There are some programs that claim they can do it and when you run it, it compiles a list. But the data is incorrect. I purchased one just to see if it would work, as there is no way to get the addresses that I know of.

    I ran it against my own group and it appears like it uses the facebook username of the users and gets addresses from outside source that match the name. All the addresses it collected for my group was incorrect and it didn't collect an address for every member. It also returned a lot of duplicate usernames for gmail and hotmail.

    Needless to say, I got a refund.
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    The best tool is to offer them an incentive to join your list and then ask them to opt in. many people will join for the lead magnet if it is a good one. Otherwise talk them on the group. Scraping emails from the group will almost always appear as SPAM and could get you banned from the group. It may also violate Facebook's policy. If they opt in then you have permission to email them and there is no SPAM complaint (not a legit one anyway).
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    Here's what I would do.
    Grab the profile urls of all the members of that group. Now create an ad campaign from that specific list only and show them something that interest them and ask them to enter the email.

    In this way you will have emails of the active users only.
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    I don't think there is a tool that can do that. Facebook will not allow you to do that. So, good luck if you can even to that or find a tool that will help you do that, but I still doubt it.

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    am also searching for that tool bro...if anyone know please share here...
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    Ask yourself this question Kamal. And answer honestly buddy

    If you joined a Facebook Group and received emails to your inbox a few hours later after not signing up for any lists, would you consider that spam?

    If so, don't do this. Spam-City bro. You did not ask permission to email Facebook Group members, who only consented by asking to join a Facebook Group, and then, being approved. See how there is nobody signing up for lists or volunteering emails here? Bad idea. Trash it. Build a qualified list of people surrendering emails of their own choice. Save yourself headaches down the road.

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