Facebook.. need help with 1 small prob

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Hello, first off, I know how to target and write good ad copy but............. which ad strategy to use for ecommerce?

I was under the impression you run website conversion ads. If you have a fresh pixel with no data like me you start of with view content, add to cart, then optimize for purchase...

Now I am seeing that you should run a PPE ad for $2 a day, wait 3-5 days, then scale to $7 a day (see what happens) then convert to website conversion.

In my mind runnin the ppe ad first makes sense with the social proof and all... but I always hear ppl saying just use website conversion ads.. i am confused a bit lol..

Or do I run a WC View Content ad and get social engagement that way then scale to add to cart?

I'm new to facebook and i want to start on the right foot if possible.

Drew Mack
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