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Hello Warriors,

This is my first post to the forum but I have been following some of the threads before and I found really useful information. I want to ask if someone has any idea of what am I doing wrong now for Facebook Paid Ads.

I have been using FB advertising since 2 years now and before I used to have great results, like boosting post for 15-20$ daily and I got 4-5+ products sold. Now I have nothing changed in my business, the quality of products is the same, pics that we take are the same way and pretty much nothing has changed but the ads are not giving good results any more. I put 15-20$ daily and sometimes get 1 or 2 orders sometime 0. My friend who uses the same posts as me is getting great results, with 30$ he got 7 sales so he provided me with his targeting and i tried it but still the same for me, only 1 sale and that was later cancelled.

Does anyone have any idea why is this?
If I'm not clear enough I'm willing to provide all other information that you need in order to give suggestions that may help understand what am I doing wrong.

Thank you in advance
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    I couldn't make any solid recommendations without looking through everything you're doing...

    ...but this might help you out.

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    As I understand you have launched the same ad as a friend? For the same product? The only thing your budget is different about?
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    Perhaps you need to change or alter your visual ad and you can also add some sort of promo?

    People nowadays get easily attracted to promos and stuff like that.

    Spice it up a li'l bit.
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    Try to build your buyers persona and start targeting your audience based on that, it may help a lot. Since Relevancy is the key to success when advertising, showing your ads to those people who are not interested in what you are selling is just a waste of time and money. Try using other platforms as well like Google.
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    Well Facebook ads is not how you think copying same ad set wont help.
    Here what I experimented and found once. Same ad copy in 2 different ad accounts and both of them reacted differently.
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    Facebbok has a very strong algorithm and data, running thesame ad with your friend might not provide thesame result. Updating your ads and targeting frequently is also a problem then if you are using fb pixel. Did you recently use thesame pixel for more than one page? My advice is to start a your ad in a new fb account and test your result.
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    change your ad images. This is known as ad fatigue. If you keep showing same ads to same target audience, it will stop converting.
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    please change your image..then it will stop converting..
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    yes dude you are correct....i also thought of this only..
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