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Hello everyone,
I have browsed the forum seldomly as a ghost for some time, picking up on tips and tricks here and there.

Recently this weekend I released my brand's Fall/Winter collection that I've been previewing and updating on Instagram / Twitter for over a year. To my huge dissapointment.. the collection release did not generate the sales output I was thinking it would. Over the weekend I was only able to generate one sale out of 600 unique website views.

My brand has been featured in British GQ & been able to show it's collection during NYFW. I'm able to get the right eyes on and enegamenet from the indsutry side but when it comes down to the consumer level.. The brand just deflates like a flat tire.
The brand has done no SEO so all the traffic this weekend was generated from social media postings.

Currently, the brand only uses two social media platforms with someone more "Advance" marketing tools.
Twitter - I have access to fashion decks that will RT my posts onto accounts with a combined following of 200k+.
Instagram - I have a program running (similar to Massplanner) to help automate the brands presence to the brands targeted market.

I have for long now neglecting other social media platforms due to not understanding them & thinking I was OK to be set on Instagram / Twitter. Well since this weekend I have definitive proof that I was dead wrong.

I'm now looking to the following platforms for advertising and how to find my tagret market audience. Facebook / Pintrest / Reddit / Anything else.
I have been doing some research but I'm still very lost on how to find my target market on these platforms..
Facebook - I understand growing my page by inviting people to like, ads, sharing my posts in relevant groups
Pintrest - I have no clue where to start on growing my brands presence on Pintrest.
Reddit - Same here.

Now I'm not one to shy away from the hard work. I learn much better by going hands on over any ebook.. but I also releaize I only have so much time per day to dedicate to this learning. From my full time job, doing private manufacturing for other brands, and running my own.. My time & attention span is very short. It sucks but atleast i'm honest with myself.

I come to the warrior forum asking for help in the form of a mentor or someone having a guide for a person who's negletting these social media platforms upto 2017 and now needs to jump with both feet in to start turning around his business.

I run a mesnwear clothing brand thats been featured in British GQ & NYFW. I released my newest collection this weekend and had horrific conversions. I finally realized that I can't get to my customer on my main social media avenue (twitter) and I know that my target customer lives more on Facebook / Pintrest / Reddit.

I'm looking for someone to point me into the right direction on how to grow these from the start or someone to become a mentor for me while I grind these new social media avenues out.

I also may be able to offer a service in return should a fellow forum member want to become a mentor. I can offer anyone private label manufacturing as a "you scratch my back, i scratch yours" situation. I have access to ultra low minimums in China and can source upto just about anything to be manufactured (apparel wise, aside of jewllery & sunglasses). I can walk anyone from start to finish (design / tech packs / finding manufactures / indsutry connections / getting into magazines).

If you made it all this way and didn't click off.. You might as well and reply with something
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    "If you made it all this way and didn't click off.. You might as well and reply with something"

    honestly I think you should focus on 1 media platform .. specially if is just you.

    Doing too many social things may not bring you the best ROI

    What is your competition doing at the moment?
    What is working for them?
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      Atleast you replied

      Right now my competition seems to be more focused onto Instagram for their most aggressive campaigns.
      Now this doesn't apply to each competitor but to most.

      I've found some on Pintrest but I'm not sure how you can guage engagement on Pintrest without having the backend analytic data to review..

      My plan is to drive more into Instagram & maybe replace the twitter with another social media but I'm still at a standstill with both Facebook / Pintrest.

      I feel like I could probably pull more potential customers from Facebook, but I haven't been able to truly find an active "group" or "page" where I can share my brand & it's story.

      But my feeling and actually doing are two different things. Should you have any hints or suggestions, i'm all ears. At this point I have no choice but to be open to all suggestions to save my business.
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    "I'm now looking to the following platforms for advertising and how to find my tagret market audience. Facebook / Pintrest / Reddit / Anything else."

    I strongly advise you approach Pinterest. From experience, I've learned that Pinterest is a good match for the fashion niche (especially for women) However, over the last 2 years, the male audience % has risen and will only continue to rise in my opinion.

    I wish you good luck.
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      Hi Tony,
      Thank you for the suggestion.

      I've been looking deeper into Pintrest but I can't figure out the two key things that would really make me jump into Pintrest.
      1. How do you naturally grow a brand account without hashtagging the heck out of every post (i'm not opposed but I feel like it doesn't fit the brands image.)
      2. How can you guage Pintrest interactions

      Should you have any suggestions or hints, please do share.. i'm all ears( or should I say eyes)
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