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Hi warriors,
I am a musicproducer from Germany and I started my social media channels a few weeks ago. I'm really in my beginning with internet and social media marketing. I did a few FB and IG ads just to create a bit of awareness in my local region and the feedback was good. My next step will be a singlerelease with my own production and a musicvideo in 4-6 weeks.
I read a lot about how to set goals and plan a campaign. I have some different ideas and approaches what to share as my content and in the moment I am still looking for options to market my music and brand as a musicproducer besides just placing ads in FB and IG and checking Blogs.

For now, my main goal is to create awarenesss for my channels Facebook, IG and YouTube. For a lot of guys in my niche it is common to buy views and clicks, but to me this is not a longterm solution, actually it is not even a solution, because I take my business and career seriously and I like to grow a real fanbase and make real interactions with my target group. A friend of mine is a photographer and told me just to buy a few Likes here and there, so it looks "better", when someone visits my pages.

What do you guys think to boost the channels with paid Likes for the beginning?
What other options could i use for internet marketing and how could I diversify my marketing. My budget is 500-600 $ to spend for this campaign for my channels and the singlerelease for my song.
I would really appreciate some ideas and feedback, maybe somebody has some experiences with my topic.
I whish everybody a successful day ✌
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    Hi Toni,

    If you are taking your music as a business, then my advice would be to take it to the next level by getting a website. I agree that Social Media is an easy-to-reach platform, but having a website can help you achieve even more, only if you have time to invest in it.

    A website is a better place to apply marketing tools, optimize for search engines, monitor your audience, share music, create events, share a blog about music, etc.

    I'd recommend allocating your budget this way:

    1. Build your website with a website builder

    I've recently built my own website for my freelance services. I created it with Ucraft. The cost is just $8/month or $77/year which equals about $6.4/month. Plus if you go with $77/year package you also get a domain for a year, so you save additional $10-15. Also, you get a free hosting.

    It is a good solution for music producers as you can upload your music via Soundcloud right on your website on Ucraft.

    2. Set up targeted ads
    Once you have a website, you can start ad campaigns on social media to promote your product and link to your website.
    I'd also recommend setting up Display network ad campaigns via Google Adwords. $100 monthly can be a fair amount.

    3. Design work is also important
    If you're starting a campaign, visual part is the most important. That includes banners, ad images, post images for social media, etc. You can hire a middle-level freelance designer on freelancer networks. $150 should be enough for the start.

    All in all, my point is that $500-$600 for a social media campaign is not a reasonable expense. It can give you quick good results. But if you want people to get attached to your business and build long-term relationships with you, consider having a website for it
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    I agree with your friend, here.

    I'd a similar case with my one client, though, he was not exactly in the music niche like you, but it's the same case.

    "You don't have to pay for likes, you can get them on your own free of charge, plus you can get comments of your choice as well - FREE."

    Once you have a few positive likes and comments as well, you create a snowball effect. You compel people to think that you are a 'real' game in the market, and you have a massive fan base as well.

    People start following you automatically, when they see others follow you too.

    If you ask me, for marketing campaigns, I'll say opt for YouTube only for music videos. You'll automatically create a fan base.

    Apart from this, as you said, your friend is a photographer, ask for some help. Get some stunning photographs and create a fan base on Instagram. Instagram platform creates a 'lavish' value. When you make people see that you have an interesting life, career, or anything that is related to your business, you force them them to follow you.

    Besides, you can get Instagram traffic through hashtags too, which are quite popular on Instagram. Once you present an attractive persona, they follow you automatically... You become a superstar.
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