How to marketing on facebook?

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If you link a link to Facebook then it will be removed as spam. What can I do now? For my blog marketing. How do I Blog Marketing on Facebook?
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    1. Posting small blog / updates daily to get noticed
    2. Wall paper posting
    3. Cross marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+)
    4. News sharing of your Industry
    5. Sharing of your YouTube videos on your Facebook page
    6. Social networking with prospects
    7. Exchanging messages with prospects/ Chatting
    8. Joining relevant groups and regular postings
    9. Sharing some attractive/motivational quotes/wall papers to get noticed

    You can use to design creative wallpapers.

    Hope, that helps.

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    Then its pretty sure that your Link is blocked on facebook maybe try appealing to facebook about it or use a new domain.
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    Optimizing your facebook page for seo and likes.
    Utilizing facebook corporations to have interaction with your goal market.
    Encouraging social sharing by way of using fb buttons and plugins.
    Getting your posts visible with the aid of extra of your lovers.
    When and the way as a rule to publish.
    Making use of paid choices to expand likes and attain.
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  • While posting on Facebook what you have to do is to create a attractive title and make sure use a high quality image so that it attracts visitors. Keep sharing your post with only your niche based audience.
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    You can do marketing on the Facebook through two ways:
    1. Organic
    2. Paid

    If your want to go for organic way then you should do following activities:
    • Create business page in facebook
    • Build strong network by inviting friends or people to your Facebook business page.
    • Share your blog content with attractive headline on Facebook at peak hours.
    • Share image with blog content to convey the message of the post.

    If your want to go for paid option then you should following steps listed in this resource that will help you understand how to do paid marketing step by step in detail way.
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      Originally Posted by Kat Aff View Post

      thanks for useful post!

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      Very nice post. Thank you for sharing.

      Best to utilize the thank you button instead of posting a Thank you post that doesn't contribute much to the discussion. It's present regardless of the number of posts you already have.
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    On facebook you can make your own page and uploads your posts on this page. Also you can join different groups and posts your article's links on your profile.
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    Go for paid marketing on facebook. It will cost you some amount, but it's worth. No need to worry about spaming or links getting removed. Reliable and convenient way.
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    Have your own facebook page and have a link there and particapate in related groups is a decent way to have free traffic.
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    If you want to do marketing in facebook you should have your own page and you should have your own using this you can do marketing..
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