Is Linkedin the only place to advertise B2B marketing or should I focus on others too?

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Hey guys,

I'm targeting financial advisors for marketing services and wanted to ask if I should stick to Linkedin (mainly its relevant groups) or also focus on Youtube video marketing and Facebook groups for this B2B niche?

To be honest I'm not yet comfortable with the lay of the land on Linkedin and not sure if spreading content on it is "enough."

On the other hand I get Youtube channnels. It doesn't feel very business oriented though. Facebook Groups may be a good place for reposting content that I make for Linkedin. And Twitter I may post to although I don't have a following in my target niche.

Just curious where you guys suggest I best spend my time? Thanks
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    It think it is better to go with LinkedIN because you can target financial advisors directly. Every penny you spend would be worth spending since it is very targeted and niche.
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      I thought you could also target by job type on Facebook?


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    Go to Google, type in: sites like
    Follow that with Linked in or any other site like that and you'll get a list.

    Then, type in: financial advisor forums
    Or other places they would hang out and you should find places.
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    LinkedIN is clearly the best, but don't forget about Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Learn more in our recently published article titled: Social Media Marketing: An Effective Sales Tool For B2B Companies
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      I agree, me too read the above article. Nice and clear explanation about social media marketing.
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    I also seek b2b lead gen and click thru traffic and, while my 'niche' is far larger, I find it VERY difficult, short of *buying a list*, which I do NOT want to do (SUPER expensive for my target). Worse still, I am pretty sure LinkedIn, FB, and others are not yet catering to this target, so I would be interested in seeing your results...
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    The link below lists B2B marketing trends that deserve your time and attention and will help you address the challenges:
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    I recommend you to go for other social media also ..because you can able develop easily there...
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    I agree with Trans Plan, LinkedIN is the place for you to find financial advisors
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    Email Marketing is best way to reach Financial decision makers. Purchase Email List from Reputed company to Market your products directly to financial advisers. Before buying list try free samples to check quality. It is very effective.
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    Marketing automation offers B2B companies a single solution for managing a variety of tasks, including their email marketing, campaign development, landing page creation, as well as the capturing, scoring and nurturing of leads, among other automated tasks.
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