Do you want this change Twitter Character Limit or not?

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Twitter - Famous for #140Character limit test #280Character Limit. Do you want this change or not? Please Comment
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    I think Tw is trying all things to grow their user base... Its just a way to camouflage their newest TOS where they basically say that all content posted on their network will be treated as their own...

    I have no special opinion on bigger limit because I think they are slowly dying out

    site will be soon live...

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    As a Twitter investor... I'm seriously concerned about the future of the company
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    Seems that it moves the company in a different direction.

    I dig the 140 chars because it forces brevity, clarity and some rapid fire tweeting, which I dig.

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    I like the idea of an increase to the character limit.
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    I support Twitter 140 character limit and Twitter should not increase the character limit as limit increase will decrease the quality and fast track tweetings.
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    I prefer small tweets. So, not in favor of #280
    I think #280 will spoil fast track tweeting. But still, I prefer twitter over Instagram promotions
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    The #140 character limit is enough i think..If this exceeds the limit than twitter will be boared..
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    yes i want this change because this will make many peoples to tweet a lot....
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  • Profile picture of the author Ashley Jones
    I will go for #140. This will make posts shorter, readable and will not overload twitter. Posts will be interesting and catchy.
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  • Profile picture of the author techwiiz
    While we'll still have to be careful of word choice under a 280 cap, it's going to allow people to be more verbose, and that's not necessarily a good thing.
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    140!!!!!!!!...why change it? it was awesome to read short statements
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