What's a normal rate for selling posts on my 3 million follower FB page?

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Need some direction here, since I don't know what I'm doing.

I've run a FB page for years that grew & grew to 3+ million followers. It still grows at 10-40k per week. A few years ago, engagement was incredible, but it suddenly dropped the second I started posting links back to my own website.

Now, it's the usual terrible engagement rates that most people get, which is 0.5%. Sometimes I hit a home run and get a 10% response. Either way, I don't know what I'm doing, and gave up hope of it ever being worth anything. Just a hobby/labor of love.

For years I've ignored emails & messages from people asking to advertise...or for sponsored posts, collaborations, etc. No time. I have a day job & I have a life. Although, I've tried posting stories for Little Things, AWM, and MyLikes...with limited success. LT sometimes did ok a year or two ago. Once I hit the $800 mark in one month with them, but in the last year, the numbers have dropped.

Almost every day some new revenue sharing company contacts me to do the same thing. However, lately I've been talking to the other companies that offer a flat payout for stories posted. Most ask for $25/post, but I've seen pages with 1 million followers offer sponsored posts for $50 each. So...I should ask for $150?

Strangely, there seems to be tons of such firms/sites out of eastern Europe.... I have sold posts to a few of them, and I'm trying to get an idea as to what I ought to be charging with a 3 million follower page. I don't know if I'm getting fleeced or not.

You know the kinds of article/link bait sort of websites, right? There's a million such sites whose strategies are to simply drive traffic via FB, and nothing else, and then optimize for tons of ads. A type of arbitrage. I have nothing against these types of sites; I'm sure some of you reading this make your living this way.

Here's my issue: recently I keep getting approached by reps from one such company for their site which is in the Alexa top 1000, and they are offering me CRAZY numbers. They're offering $500 per post & want to buy 4 per day. I don't want to say their name at this point.

I keep trying to act calm & ask questions...and they don't really say much...but I'm trying to get them to slip up; I want to figure out if they're for real. I don't want to be blinded by the $$. Is this too good to be true?

Is this for real? Are there any risks here? I mean, if I get a 2 grand payment every day via PayPal, am I pretty much fine? I'm not a criminal, so I can't think of the inventive ways that I could be cheated. What if I post for them for a month, and then they open up a formal complaint against me (to get their money back) as some kind of tactic to get posts/traffic for free? Are there any horror stories out there?

And what's the normal sponsored post rate for big FB pages? From what I can tell, niche doesn't matter...or does it? And historical engagement rates also doesn't seem to matter! Some of these firms tell me it's up to them to make sure their articles are engaging....
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    Maybe some around $50-$100 also depends on the niche.
    Also I would suggest you not to post too many link and post something that is liked by your users
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      I agree; I'm trying to post a lot more of the usual material that my followers like...around 5 or 6 times per day. On top of those normal posts, I prefer to have, at most, 2 links per day. Funny, though. If I look at *most* of the other pages in my niche, they all seem to post 7+ times per hour, with many links per hour, too.

      How do they get away with it?

      Man, the more I read & see about social, and FB, the more I realize I know nothing. Any FB engagement groups I can join with other BIG pages...along with people who know what they're doing?

      (sorry if this is against the guidelines; I'm reading up on the sticky now)

      "You are" is abbreviated as "You're", not "Your".
      "Their dog"..."their car"..."their couch" --- NEVER "there".
      "They are" is abbreviated as "They're", not "there" or "their".

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    Is your page in a particular niche? I have one with 1.5M followers and I sell adverting charing per click. I use a software called ClickMagick so both (advertisers and I) can control the quality of the traffic. If you're in a particular niche, it may work for you too, if not, it still can work depending on what you're advertisers are looking for.

    If you're clear on what you're offering there's nothing you should be afraid and it is definitely not too good to be true, it takes a ton of effort and investment (either money or time) to build a 3M page, and making $1k a day from that audience, in my experience is even a low margin of profits.

    Just my 2cents

    Good Luck!

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    There is no normal rate, you need to test and find out what people in your niche is prepared to pay for it.
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    Just 2 Dollars
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    Wow that's a lot of followers.

    Try to experiment with the price or make a survey about the price ranges they are willing to pay for. With 3m followers, you can do a lot.
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    I thought I'd keep going along with these dude's offer of 2k per day and see if they'd actually pay.

    Getting right down to it, they started asking to see the insights, which is normal. I was sending snapshots of those, and they kept saying "Amazing; now can you show us this" even though I thought they'd have some concerns about the numbers.

    Then suddenly the next day, their accounts were shut down.

    I asked another advertiser about this weird behavior and he says he's familiar with the technique. He says those people who offer crazy ad money usually keep socially engineering you into giving them advertiser access to the account, then editorial, then admin. Once they get that, they steal the account.

    So...guess I dodged a bullet!

    NOTE: I meant to say I was lucky, because someone else must have reported them for similar practices and they got their accounts shut down. I always thought it was weird that their accounts were very "vanilla" looking, said they live in California, had American names, but their English skills were pretty bad.

    "You are" is abbreviated as "You're", not "Your".
    "Their dog"..."their car"..."their couch" --- NEVER "there".
    "They are" is abbreviated as "They're", not "there" or "their".

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  • What exactly is the page about? Care to share?
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    the price depends upon your page and your products..
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