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Hey Warriors,

I was wandering if it'd be safe to transfer one of my fan page over to my business account. Do I name the business account a new name (i.e, John Smith) or "My Shopify store? I don't get it.

I know that each businesses need a new business account. What about a fan page community.. is it safe to add that into the business account too?

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  • I transferred one of my page over to my business account. I named the account exactly the same as my page. I think I was doing it wrong... Guess I'll change the name back to a real name instead.
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    I would suggest you to have the account with the same name which is renowned one.
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    Better to go with the real name. It's not necessary to take a new name. As GeeksPerHour said, you can also go with the renowned name.
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    i will suggest you to have your own name and correct details in it so that the people will trust you..after that you can create your own business account..
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    dude use your own name for that...
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