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Which social media platform would to be effective for small business? Say selling Handmade products online
How to make sure I am reaching the right customer online?
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    If you really want to social media advertising with targeting/ retargeting , Facebook is the best place for that.
    It will be a bit expensive but worth it..
    Good luck.
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    • Hi Thank you so much!

      Can you elaborate more on what exactly are facebook Ads different from a promotional post??
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    Do you have an idea of what your customer base looks like in the first place?
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    • Hi Pauloadaoag,

      I feel the essence of sales and marketing the products would cultivate a strong customer base.

      Could you please provide me few techniques that would help me in truly understanding the online customers?
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    Originally Posted by Nandini Perumal View Post

    Which social media platform would to be effective for small business? Say selling Handmade products online
    How to make sure I am reaching the right customer online?
    Wow! That's cool. In my opinion, it will work on Instagram. You can also do that on Facebook and Twitter but through sharing it on Instagram; that will be less work.
    Anyway, just make sure to choose the right hashtags for it.

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    Best Social Media platform for Handmade Products Selling is Facebook, Lookbook, Pintrest, instagram and Other marketplace Like Amazon, ebay, zopos etc....
    Now day best of Facebook ... Becoz have huge amount of users on this platform ...
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    Hi there. I started my business using online media (money reason mainly) and if you are knowledgeable or put the right resource to it you will be surprised of the results. I do food related work and I used Facebook and Instagram mainly. Note that they say it is cheap and easy, but FB changed their rules in regards to advertising, so it will be good to read a bit more about it. I ended up hiring a person for the set up process and I could not be happier. I would also suggest you work on your website - good structure and pictures are a game changer. Instagram was a little harder to use for food, cause food don't look as good on picture if it is not "boosted" in some way. Plus, you have the # issue. I think for you it will be great though. Use its full potential with styling shots and sell them the dream.
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      hi! am also going to start my own business so am gathering information for the growth.Advertising in social media will be a great idea for business development.
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    Twitter is the best for small business. Thanks
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    To me every platform has their own values.. Don't just stuck on single one.. Go for all social media websites.
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    Best Social Media Channels for Handmade Products Marketing:
    1. Facebook
    2. Pinterest
    3. YouTube
    4. Instagram

    Good luck!
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    My vote - Pinterest.

    I have tested this platform, so I'm 100% sure it can be an effective platform for selling handmade products. Besides, it is quite easy to find buyers on Pinterest.

    Furthermore, the thing I love about Pinterest is its viral effect. Once you pins go viral, which is immensely possible, you get lots of buyers.

    All you need is to present something unique, and breathtaking.

    Second, you can opt for Facebook too. Though, bear in mind that the quality of traffic matters on Facebook. You should target your local area first through paid advertising. It would be easy to build trust and sell your handmade items quickly as well.
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    For Handmade products - I guess, FB it is the best option. You can target your audience by different parameters. Create a juicy cretive to advertise it.
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    There are several best Social Media Marketing channels list as:
    Google Plus
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    Social Media Advertising helps your brand to get powering and improves marketing ideas. Its a single point access to the world of digital media.
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    facebook is pretty good ( you need to have a rock solid brand on it)
    customers get $5K - $15K per month by using facebook
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    This is normally possible to do on any social network, but the best one i know with good feature to target the best way, is Facebook, moreover, it's very wide, so you could reach a great audience!!
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    You can try Facebook & Google Adwords!
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  • Thank you Jessica!

    The link was very informative.
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    Its really good idea to spreading business details from social medias.
    Facebook is the best social media to popular your bussiness easily in short time create group in facebook and post your bussiness products and details.
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    Facebook and Pinterest are my best suggestions for you. With Facebook, you can target your audience and reach them easily.
    Good luck on your business
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    Facebook for handmade, also instagram. make a couple of shots of your products and promote them through instagram influencers
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    i think social media advertising is one of the best way..we can use them for business development and etc.,
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  • Facebook is the best social media platform for promoting your business and reach the target right customer in your business or brand. You can promote your brand or websites through Facebook ads and choose from the right target locations and exact target right customer for your business
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