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by SweSas
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Hello everyone, I would like to get some ideas on doing social media campaigns for a coupons website. Please help me out here, it's urgent.
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    You can plan the following social media platform to promote your coupon site!

    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. YouTube
    • Reach new prospects
    • Update customers of new coupon codes
    • Build your brand profile
    • Increase engagement

    All the best.
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    There is some plan for coupon website on Social media :
    Create profile On Social Media Like :
    Google Pluse
    and many More for Site profiling :
    Share on Categories pages with Content and hash tag.
    Join of Group for Discussion and share of Deals
    write content regarding how used Coupon Code on many More Platform
    Post of Content for User Education.
    Write Benefits of Used Coupon site for Buying
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      simple and nice explain about coupon website on social media
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    What are the aims of your campaigns?

    Lead gen, sales, subscriptions etc?

    What you want to accomplish will determine what you should do with your campaigns.

    I saw a video a couple of days ago about a website incorporating one of their coupons into their Facebook lead magnet.

    People had to register to make use of the coupon, but they also got some other really great free resource on top of that.

    It was a great deal and the website lost money at first. But, their conversion rate shot up and they gained a very big number of leads.

    If you're just wanting sales you just need to promote the hell out of it, like slaconsultants said.

    Create relevant and engaging content to generate traffic.

    Or, you could go with paid advertising.
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    The main aim is sales, so I guess I need to go with promotions. Thanks for all the replies guys, you all are rockstars
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    The best way is You can use social media for promoting your coupon site ..using that you can easily promote your sites...share your links there..
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    Using fb groups & pages. Approch admins and deal with them..
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