My Million dollar question of the month!!

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This is my million dollar question for the month. Next month I will have another one probably.

Can anyone guide me on how to build a successful pinterest business from scratch. I do have a board and the only thing I know how to do is post pins, follow people, save there pins to my board and I think I figured out how to post links in the board.

So as you can clearly see I am doing randomness lol But its a start aleast I am getting my feet wet at the ankles, I plan on swimming in pinterest very soon with all the pros that are already in the deep.

Just being humours with everyone, let me get serious now. Yeah I do need help. I am open for anything but garbage.

Your Fellow warrior
Alan Davis
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    I doubt anyone that is a real pro is going to take you by the hand to learn Pinterest from the ground up for free. I assume you would want free help because of a previous comment you made but I could be wrong.

    There are tons of websites that can help along with hundreds of posts on this forum. There is also the Pinterest help pages that can provide some basics.

    What exactly have you tried? What are the results?

    What exactly do you have questions about?


    Edit: Here are 3 resources that may can help you get started:
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      Thank you Mark for the pages. I will check them out, and do my share of research like I been doing already.

      The only reason I am asking for free help. Is because I am very limited on money. From being an ex drug addict /ex criminal/ex person who had all sorts of mental problems.Till this day I have been denied work, jobs because of the life I use to live because of my criminal record is tough.

      So its been hard getting on my feet. Because I wasted so many years of my life on the streets, and thanks be to God I wasn't killed out there. God set me free from all that street life, I am no longer a criminal or drug addict,or a mad man, nor do I roam the streets now I serve God and am trying to build a good business.

      I am just seeking as much help as I can so I can get out of the rat race.

      BUT my goal is to teach others what I have learned to help them get out of the rat race as well when I get out, especially those who lived a street life, the poor , the people who others turn aside. I want to help them get on there feet from zero. I am not doing this only for myself, I am doing this also so I can help others and make a difference in this corrupt world.

      Mark as you can see this is my heart and why I am doing all this is to help others.
      When I go out sometimes to the store I see drug addicts, I see poor people, I meet gang members, i see people with mental problems. I remember how I use to be , I encourage them tell them God can change there situation He did it with me, so he can do it with them. He got me off the streets took the addiction away. He took mental problems away , that even the doctors were amazed and they closed my case. Because they saw me perfectly fine then how I was before. this Mark is my testimony and alittle bit about me.

      Fellow Warriors this is alittle about my past. Why I am where I am today.

      I have learned something though that my past doesnt determine my future, but what I do today determines my results tommorow. What I sow today is what I will reap tommorow. So now I am sowing as much good as I can so I can reap good in the future but not only for me but for others.

      Be Blessed,
      Alan Davis
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      Mark thank you so much , I checked out the websites and now I am on my way to expanding my business on pinterest.

      Be blessed
      Alan Davis
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