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I do SMM work, and my accounts keep getting disabled. I desperately need help as this is affecting my income. Here are the questions I was told to answer:

1. Were they all banned at the same time?
My old accounts were banned in different times but new accounts were banned at same time (70 all in one day!)

2. What were your daily follow/unfollow settings?
I used to increase its followers by using panel and manually.

3. Were the accounts on different proxies? If so how many per?
No, I don't understand how to do this. I made them on my mobile phone. Would appreciate advice.

4. How old were the accounts?
Few of my account that was 1 years old but nowadays I am losing (they get disabled) accounts that are less than one months old.

5. Were they phone verified?
Old accounts were email verified and also phone. My newer accounts were made by direct (Bangladesh, +88 numbers) sim verified.


1. Do I have to buy and use many different mobile devices to create IG accounts? Or is there a way to use only one?
2. I don't understand how proxies work... I googled it and I still don't get it. Would you mind please explaining? Also, the pricing for IG proxies seems to be very high. How can I do this for cheaper? What do you normally pay per IG account you create?
3. Do you phone-verify all your accounts? Is it a problem to use Bangladesh SIM cards for this?
4. Is there any way to recover all the old accounts I have, which I made using my one device?
5. Do you know of any good quality software that can help me create accounts?

Thank you!
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