What's the best way to identify, communicate with and generate new members for a Facebook Group?

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I've just started up a Facebook Group, for UK business owners to connect, communicate and share content and resources. I'm starting at zero, and so far have only been able to invite the people in my friends list to the group. I've also asked them to share the link with other business owners they now.

But how about other platforms? How can I locate my target audience outside of this?

Any tips or help would be appreciated!

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    I'm curious to know, did you decide to start your Facebook group because you'd carried out some research and identified a need or gap in the market that your group will close?

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      Hi Bayo, thanks for your reply. The purpose of the group is twofold - firstly, it's a means for UK business owners to simply connect, share and communicate information and ideas with each other. It's not really niche, as there are plenty of similar groups up and down the country of course that focus on localised areas or on a national scale etc.

      Secondly, it's a good way for me to capture and engage with my target audience for the various services that I offer. I won't be spamming my services daily of course, as I don't want it to become just an advertisement. I want my members to get something out of it, and now and then I can just pepper in some of my own content to remind people that I can provide a service.
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    Do you Know any other FB Groups in the same niche, Big fan pages, Google Groups, You Can contact the admins with a professional Email , they might refer to your Group if it has good content in it.
    For the promotion I know that Reddit Works.
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      Thanks for your reply to this - yes, I've joined a few other groups that are providing a similar platform for UK business owners to get together and discuss the various aspects of their business, share information and ideas etc. I do plan on actively engaging with these groups, at which point I'll approach the admins and get permission to share a link to my own group.

      I have to admit - I'm not much of a Reddit user. What would be a good way to utilise this platform in order to build an audience?
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  • There is a way todo facebook ad to your group.

    You may intially need todo that.

    1. Email your list
    2. Add to your site
    3. Join other FB groups post value and interact
    4. Offer a lead magnet and in the follow up tell them to join group

    Building a group in the beginning is a slow painful process, but keep at it. It will grow.
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    thanks Mohammed K Sheikh i will surely use these tips for my group...
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    You just join in some groups related your group. Then slowly interact with group members & send them to personal msg.
    Share your group link in those groups & clearly explain y u started the group & use of the group.
    * Ask group members to add their friends. Offer them. Who added more friends into group. Put their post as pinned post for some days like this.
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    try joining into new groups..so that you can able to get an idea about this..you will learn a lot..
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    Facebook groups help businesses promote products, support customers and much more. Few ways to communicate nicely on facebook can be found here:
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    In this article, you'll discover how Facebook group can help you create a stronger, more engaged Facebook community.
    It's very informative.
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    How's the group going so far Alex?

    I totally agree that it can be a long hard slog to get some momentum going. I've always been really big on email marketing and I was a little anti-FB groups as a way of marketing, but I started a group last year as a bit of an experiment and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Great for building a community aspect.

    This is what I did to build membership...

    - Emailed my existing list about it, and told them about an exclusive resource I'd made available that was only available there (people are already in loads of groups - you need to give them a real incentive to want to join another)

    - Added the group into my existing funnel. So when someone hit my thank you page after opting in, they were invited to come over and join the group (and again, I gave a compelling reason WHY) This was really just about leveraging stuff I'd already created.

    - Crafted a new funnel that my group played a big part in. Basically, I ran a 5-day challenge and the videos went live in the FB group - so they really needed to be in the group to take advantage of the content. That worked well for building my list and my group simultaneously.

    Growth of the group was really a byproduct of my list building, but gave me several different opportunities to connect with people across platforms etc.

    Disagree with dropping the link in other groups. It's usually against the rules, and it's spammy. If you're going to leverage other groups, then you need to play the long game with it. Be valuable, be an expert, add value, and have a way for people to easily find your group once they go over to your profile to check you out. That takes time, but I've also found it works really well.

    I blog about creating online income streams at RuthMakesMoney.com

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    Add members to your Secret Group (you must be friends with them to add to the group); add them to the member box. If you wish to include members who are not your friends, create the Group as 'Closed' first, then change the Group setting to Secret. Select your Privacy Setting and click Create.
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