is twitter good for free traffic?

by dj2590
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hello, i was wondering if anybody has had any success with generating traffic from twitter, whether you are using it to capture leads, send to your blog.. ect..
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    Yes, you can generate traffic with Twitter. I haven't been spending too much time on it lately (too many things going on at once) but it can generate traffic.

    The only problem is like anything else in life it is going to take some work on your part. You have to be willing to engage with the people in your market. Take the time to follow them and interact with them. Listen to what they are saying and try to help them. After doing this for some time they become interested in you. If you have a link to your website then it gives them the opportunity to communicate with you.

    Look for people who are in the niche you're trying to target and follow some of the people that follow them. Keep doing this and you can have any amount of traffic that you want to your website.

    Hope that helps.
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    It is possible to generate traffic from Twitter, but it is competitive and will take some work like oppyeaunome said. Try to make tweets on a regular basis, and also make them engaging and interesting.

    Good luck.
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    yea especially when you mention some good tags in twitter post..
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    Definitely you can generate traffic from twitter. This social media platform is a good to capture leads.
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    Great headlines are the lifeblood of success on Twitter and maximizing the range of your tweets is among the best ways to drive more visitors to your website. Happy working
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    yah. definitely you can generate lots of free traffic. but you need to work very hard for getting decent amount of traffic from twitter.
    there are many tactics you need to follow
    * gain targeted follower (If you have a niche based profile)
    * always follower Inferencer's (Of your niche)
    * constantly posting on profile
    * don't be lazy for posting, you can post schedule wise.
    * always use image or videos(Videos are more engaging )
    * Use relevant hashtags

    i think, those tactics will help you for building a twitter profile.
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    Build a great profile, with professional graphics, good picture of you.
    Fill all parts of your profile and share high quality stuff.
    Give it time and effort to build a huge follwing.
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    I agree with everyone else here. It is possible to generate traffic via Twitter. My strategy consists of a combination of live tweeting, curating and original content.

    Live tweeting consists of responding to people that I follow. I usually will search for hash tags or keywords around my topic and respond.

    Curating, I find interesting content related to my product space and then tweet about it using relevant hashtags.

    Original content, I write original content on my site, pull three or four tweets from it and post those.

    When I'm not live tweeting, I schedule my content via Buffer so it goes out across an entire day.

    I also built a tool that I use so that a CTA is added to any of the curated links. That way I get traffic to my site even on links that I share from other websites. This has been huge for me.
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    In short,
    yes, you can generate traffic from twitter but All the social traffic worth is less and its referral traffic.
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  • If you keep on re-tweeting your tweets, you can have an increase in your followers. But, personally, I prefer Instagram, you can build up followers fast.
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  • Twitter is a great source of traffic.
    Go here: and type whatever related to what you think people may search looking for your offer (information in your niche). But here you need to be very specific like " I need to make money" (whichever keyword you want to use).
    If you have done that ,go to the results and click " latest" at the top left hand corner.
    You will see people specifically looking for the information in your niche depending on the keyword you are going to use.
    You can then twit to whoever you see interested in what you are offering.
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    Any Social Media platform can be great for free traffic if you use it right
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    Yes Twitter is good for free traffic..
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