Why my Facebook page likes are decreasing?

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Hello Experts,
I have a page of 500k likes,its likes are decreasing day by day.i am posting on my page on daily basis and have good post reach and hell active.Give me any technical reason?
your comments will be highly appreciated.
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    optimize seo for your fb page, take part in conversations of a popular blog, tag other pages to broad audiences, post videos, post live events etc.
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      i have excellent post reach and active audience. i also connected my page to my groups.i'm dong all these things but my page likes are decreasing gradually..
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    Your posts might be too frequent without providing much value. Sounds like a content issue
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      i have 100% unique content on my page......
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        That's great, but if people see your posts too frequently in their News Feed they might decide to unlike your page. They will do the same if they aren't finding value in your content or don't agree with your message.
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    Maybe youre posting too much and the posts aren't giving anymore values to your followers, or it is not interesting anymore. You should experiment on your posts. And see how your audience reacts on it. Make your posts catchy and engaging.

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      My all posts are aye catching posts and have high engagement.Audience take interest on all the posts.My page is hell active but likes r decreasing....
      I am posting 10 to 15 posts on daily basis.How many posts should i post in one day.
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    Your posts are well written but the layout is crazy - so much 'white space' and large graphics that reading a blog post is not effortless.

    If everything were as perfect as you say - you wouldn't have a problem. Start testing with different blog post layouts - smaller or fewer graphics - fewer posts per day, etc. Testing is the only thing that will show you what might be wrong.

    Listing an incorrect 'location' doesn't help generate trust...just sayin'.
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    I'm going to work on being less condescending
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    It may cause due to fake users or you will be posting too much without good information. If
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    i think you are right.
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  • If you dint have valuable/useful posts in your page automatically your followers will decrease..:>>>
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