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Hi all,

What is the benefit of joining Instagram for a business? Is it seriously beneficial to have a presence over there? Need some serious advice?
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    It is if you have a visual product or if you want to advertise to people who use Instagram.
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    Benefits of your business on Instagram
    -It have a visual effect
    -It has high engagement rates
    -It's great for building your brand
    -It has targeted advertising options
    -Your business(customer)may already be there
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    Benefit of Joining Instagram for a Business are as following:-

    Increased engagement
    Targeting the right market
    Gaining trust for your business
    Gain more traffic to your website
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    it's crowd marketing, the more people follow you on instagram the more possibility of recognizing your brand
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    Instagram is a content sharing social media channels.
    There are following benefit in below list:
    It gives unique traffic on your website or blog
    It has user to user communication media with social pic.
    It has generate high quality conversion.
    It gives more revenue your blog or website.
    It is a fantastic feature of social media marketing
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    i think instagram is the best place to put your advertising related to fashion because there huge population form youth category only who use instagram more than any other social networking sites. So this is the place to advertise your product on instagram.
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    Hi, hobby and fun category should be ok for Instagram, however for more business related niche promoting on newsfeed will be recommended.
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    If you're target audience is on Instagram, you should be there too!

    For example if your audience consists of young men, age 20-25, interested in Fitness, then you will probably find them on Instagram. But if you're audience consists of men over 50 with erectile dysfunctions, then you probably won't find them on Instagram.

    And since it's such a private issue, they won't follow an account that talks about this anyway
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    Instagram is the most engaging social media platform there is right now. You can get your message out very quickly if you can represent your product or service visually or with short videos.

    The most important part of Instagram are the hashtags so make sure you have relevant hashtags. Seekmetrics is a good resource to get hashtag ideas.
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    Instagram is very good option for your business, it will help to build your brand. As it is more of visuals and small videos, so it helps to engage visitors.
    It has high engagement rates.
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    As one of the most engage social media you can't ignore Instagram for your business
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    yes rajveer12 social media is good place for marketing.we can grow easily using this.upcoming business mans can make use of this..
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    Social media marketing is the crowed place where everyone is utilizing it largely.But there is lots of social media are we can find a good one and we can use that...:>
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    Hi everybody,


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    Hope you are doing well.

    Advantages of Benefits associated with your business on Instagram
    * It have an aesthetic result
    * It has high engagement rates
    * It's great for building your brand
    * It has targeted advertising options
    * Your business may already be there


    Maxcro is a active warrior member since 2016

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  • There are a lot of benefits of joining Instagram:

    Helps in increasing traffic.

    Great platform for marketing what you do.

    Allows you to keep an eye on your competitor.

    Reach to your targeted audience easily

    Although it is difficult to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, the result it generates is unbeatable. Hence, it is a resounding yes for joining Instagram.

    Also, there are many social media management tools which will help you manage all your social profiles easily like HootSuite, buffer, viralpep, sprinklr, etc.
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    Depending on the quality of the post, branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are sometimes overlooked by the user. However this isn't true for Instagram users; having an active Instagram account with useful and interesting content can earn you crazy levels of engagement with your audience.
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    yes, you should have a socialprofiles for your profiles, nowadays people are more social addicted having a instagram account for your business is a innovative idea .The main benefit of it is you can totally give your products on instagram&interact with customers
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    Yes it is as it gives you a more audience to reach. You can have your business featured by someone who has higher audience reach which is like an ad but through influencers.
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    Benefits of Instagram for a business

    You can get the Followers for your creatives through trending hashtags.
    Its also works as Local Listing for your business where you can get calls from customers.
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    It's your tool to connect with your customers; find new customers and a way to share your products or services through posts or short videos.
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    Instagram is really very helpful for any business. Because it is social media platform that more and more businesses, big and small, are starting to visually communicate with their clients, followers, and customers. Instagram is photo sharing platform, enabling you to share photos as well as short video regarding your business product to increase the number of users. Main Key benefits of Instagram for your business that is:
    1. Increased Engagement
    2. Building trust and personality
    3. Also helpful for increase in traffic
    4. Reaching target marketing
    5. It is considered 'Free Advertising'
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    Instragram is a social media sites where you can share your photos. It is the platform to connect with social friends. It is very important to do marketing.
    1. you have to create a effective profile to get better result
    2. Post high quality photos on regular basis
    3. Maintain the social engagement
    4. Use the right keywords
    5. use hash tags on the category
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    Social Media plays an essential role in brand marketing. I initially started my marketing by building up pages on various famous social media platforms. More postings, the more traffic you receive.
    • Make use of "Instagram Sponsorship". It'll help you gain a traffic of almost 500 or above if you're profile is fully built up. Helping you built up bonds with various brands and also helps you in knowing how much you are influencing the audience.
    • Also, I made use of social media management tools to keep a track of the postings. Tools like - HootSuite, Buffer, Viralpep and Social Pilot.
    • Respond to each comment made to let the audience know that you're active. This will help you receive positive responses by interacting with audiences.
    • Most Importantly make the best use of #HASHTAGS. Hashtags help you reach the desired audience for your brand.
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    Instagram - its where potential customers are, so it's absolutely worth having a presence there and engaging with them. Some niches work better than others, that's certain, but it's so easy to connect with users on there that any business ignoring this platform (especially in the services, commerce, beauty, food and health industries) is shooting themselves in the foot.

    Get Hyper-Targeted Instagram Followers and Start Banking Big!:-
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    Originally Posted by Rajeev Gaur View Post

    Hi all,

    What is the benefit of joining Instagram for a business? Is it seriously beneficial to have a presence over there? Need some serious advice?
    The only way Instagram will help, if you have a huge following, then when you post anything, like products, it's liked, shared, Purchased, and so on, so will only work with major following.

    Take a look at then people pay you for shoutout, no affiliate,

    Hope this helps,
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    Of course yes. Instagram is as much popular and famous as any other social media and would be one very advisable platform to sell your business.
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    With the help of social media, you can promote your business.Many peoples used to Instagram for photo sharing, as well as videos, When, you can upload a photo on social site then, Photos give your business a chance to highlight products, and videos are a great way to show your services in action.Instagram also offers paid advertising options for businesses.Instagram is best for visually promoting your brand or products. When combined with the description of the product, your posts can be Strong in creating your brand and interactive following.
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    It's a great way for building your brand
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    It's a nice idea doing business on instagram, because of it has some benefits some of them are given below:

    >It has nice engagement on social media
    >For selling products its a nice platform
    >For ecommerce this is nice place to selling products
    >Traffic rate are so high here, so getting traffic on a page is could be easier
    >Best place for advertising products

    These are some advantages of instagram for doing business. Hope these might be helpful for you.
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  • Social media marketing is one of the best way to increase your business in market.
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    Good for Business promotions.
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    Instagram is one of the popular website for photos. If you want to sell your photos on this website then this would be work nice for selling. If you are a professional photographer then here you can get a chance to selling them. And here traffic amount are huge so it can be nice platform for marketing your visual product.
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  • These 10 tips will surely help you in your social media marketing..
    1. Over ..." of Instagram Users Have Used The App To Purchase A Product Online
    2. Instagram's Ad Platform Has Access To The Most Advanced Social Media Advertising Targeting Options Available
    3. Sales and Leads Are Traceable Through Instagram Ads So You Can See Clear ROI
    4. Instagram Differentiates Personal Profiles from Business Profiles
    5. Instagram's User Base Allows You To Tap Into An Otherwise Unreached Customer Base
    6. Build An Audience That Will Stay Connected With Your Brand
    7. Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Followers And Potential Customers
    8. Learn The Likes And Dislikes Of Your Customer Base
    9. Instagram Is A Visual Platform
    10. You Can Constantly Use Instagram To Fuel Your Other Marketing Efforts
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    How can i engage my users with the help of instagram?
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  • It is a real information which can help anyone to take the advantages from the instagram.
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    Instagram is as much popular as any other social media. You can get the Followers for your creatives through trending hashtags. It's a great help for building your brand.
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    It's Visual. As a photo sharing platform, it may sound like we're stating the obvious here. But unlike most other social media platforms, which focus on text and links, Instagram is exclusively used for photo and video posts.

    Considering that visual content is more engaging than text, this is a huge opportunity for marketers. Instead of trying to send followers to your site to make a purchase or explain the benefits of working with you, you can use photos to create a more compelling message.

    Photos give your business a chance to highlight products, and videos are a great way to show your services in action. And beyond that, you can also use the platform to show company culture and other behind-the-scenes aspects of your business.
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