how do you automate twitter posts?

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I'm wondering how do you automate twitter posts?

I've been using Socialooph, but the free version, you have to re-que it about once a month. So it's been okay, but ideally I'm wondering if there's some better way, where you can set it and forget it. But something that's free to use?

What do you suggest???
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  • Twitter is an incredible stage for a wide assortment of purposes and individuals. It's awesome for humorists and funnies to make jokes. It's incredible for chomp estimated news bits from columnists and the regular people. It's extraordinary for making snappy item declarations.

    Obviously, there are a huge amount of free devices accessible to enable you to deal with a Twitter profile, with differing degrees of computerization. Some of them do literally nothing however put propelled includes before your fingertips. Some of them enable you to plan your posts, and post them naturally when the time comes. Some of them will even create posts for you, and will track indexed lists for hashtags or catchphrases, to post them accordingly. Much of the time, this can be a dark cap procedure, yet not generally.

    Automation is the demonstration of permitting an application to do everything for you. For instance, setting up a bot that takes your RSS channel and posts the connection at whatever point you distribute something new on your site is computerization.

    Why Automate Twitter?

    Automate a Twitter content logbook can be a tedious assignment. You've likely experienced circumstances when you've come up short on thoughts or experienced difficulty discovering articles to clergyman.

    An incredible approach to keep your presenting plan full is on mechanize Twitter. You can plan your posts naturally when the engagement and potential reach are higher.

    I use Tweriod to automate my post timing when users are online.
    Though I don't have the screenshots. But here is the process how to automate your tweet collected from the internet-

    Just sign up. Then go to your dashboard and click on My Analysis to get a free premium analysis.

    On the results page, you'll see which time periods give you the most exposure on weekends and weekdays. For example, the Twitter account below has the most exposure on weekdays from 5 to 7 PM and 8 to 9 PM.

    On weekends, this account gets the most exposure from 5 to 6 PM and 8 to 10 PM.

    On your dashboard, you can also see when your followers are online. The results below show that followers are active between the same time periods on weekdays and weekends.

    Set Up a Posting Schedule in Buffer
    A scheduling tool like Buffer can save you a lot of time with your Twitter account. Here's how to set up your own scheduling plan.
    After you sign in with your Twitter account, click on the Schedule menu.
    Make sure the time zone matches the settings of your Twitter account.

    According to when your followers are most active, set up a posting schedule for weekdays and weekends. It's up to you to decide how often you want to post content. You may want to experiment with different posting schedules to see what works best for you.

    Buffer has a beta feature that will identify the best times to post during the day by analyzing your past 5,000 interactions (likes, favorites, clicks, etc.) and similar profiles in the same time zone. On the Schedule page, scroll down and click on the Try Optimal Timing Tool (Beta) link.

    You can specify how many times you want to post per day, and the tool will calculate the optimal times for posting. Click on the Submit button.

    Next, you'll see a list of optimal times for you to post on Twitter, according to Buffer.

    More details about it you can search over the internet. I love this software. And with this you can easily scheduled your post.

    There are many others like this-
    • Twuffer
    • FutureTweets
    • LaterBro
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    is that free?
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    I used to use follow liker and it worked ok, Mass Planner looked better but the tool is no longer for sale now .
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    You can do a lot of automated twitter posting with IFTTT.

    You can automatically retweet when a user tweets.
    You can retweet based on twitter search.
    You can use google assistant to post tweets and a bunch more.

    I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for but IFTTT is free and maybe worth a look.
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    There are a lot (I mean a lot!) of twitter automation tools you can use


    I am using Buffer for scheduled posting on twitter and other social media platform.
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    One that I've used and it's free (50 tweets per month) is Twuffer. It works quite good
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    Social Oomph is my tool of choice Nina. But I am huge on a bit of automating and lots of natural, manual engagement. This is how you inspire folks to click your links; use TweetDeck or Twitter itself to pop in for 10 to 30 minutes daily to engage folks, to thank RTers and to RT other folk's stuff. Best way to get solid returns on the network and then you can do some light automation through SO.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I use Buffer also. It is easy to use.
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    Buffer,Hootsuite ,IFTT,Tweriod these are the some of the tool i know to automate twitter posts..
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