Competition on IG doing very good can't understand how

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Hello! Tokebi here,

I am an artist trying to get likes on Instagram, posting twice a day at special times and using good hashtags and all shebangbang, engagement dropped very drastically two months ago. I know another artist with the similar niche and art style that is doing pretty good and I can't find how his engagement is so awesome. Unless my art is very crappy, I can't find a solution.

Could anybody provide some type of guidance?

my ig: iamtokebi
my friends: m_r92
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    Congrats for 13K followers!

    But you need to ask yourself (and be totally honest) if these followers are all real...or have you used some bots or tools to gain more followers ?

    You have more than 300 Likes on some posts, and that's not bad. That's an engagement of around 2%. Your friend may get many more Likes on each post, but he also has many more Followers. His engagement is 3-5%, so the difference is not that big.

    Also...have you used different hashtags lately? In case you were using very popular and generic hashtags in the past, they may have been attracting a lot of bots (auto-likes and auto-comments). And now if you are using less common hashtags, they are not found by bots...

    I hope this helps!
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    I agree with Rhadoo7 about testing different hashtags. Especially if you're using very general hashtags. Use some hashtag tools like Find and Analyse Top Twitter and Instagram Hashtags | Hashtagify and
    to come up with different hashtag ideas.

    Don't get discouraged and keep plugging away.
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  • Hello Tokebi,

    As you are an artist and you know the pattern - 'more likes = more followers'. If you are having a good number of followers then you do not have to worry but if you are dealing with less number of followers then first you have to increase your followers. The first thing to get more followers is to increase your number of posts. Five posts or ten posts a day. This will help you out more. It is hard to manage such high amount of postings but social media gives you an option for this also. There are a lot of tools available in the market which help you in scheduling like Hootsuite, Buffer, Viralpep, TweetDeck etc. You can choose any of these and can easily schedule your posts. Hope this will help you
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    Nice getting over 10k followers.

    you don't seem to engage with your followers. They just leave comments and you ignore them.

    Also, are you creating partnerships with people in your niche?

    Promote their content and they'll return the favor.

    Last thing, try commenting on the posts of other relevant accounts. Not too big, otherwise they'll get drowned out.

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    Its awesome to get above 10k followers ..But this is not enough,You should be active in your account and you should interact with your followers..thats the main thing..
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