Instagram: single or multiple accounts?

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Hi All,

I'm a complete noob to these forums but have a genuine question as I couldn't find much online to help solve my predicament.

I've been a regular Facebook user for over 12 years and run a couple of business pages as well as my personal page. Though I'll be a 'late starter', I'm now looking at using Instagram for added marketing value. From what I've seen so far, it looks like a great tool with good reach potential, hence my predicament.

My question is, what's the best way to go about it? Should I keep things inline with my current Facebook setup and have an account for each business page as well as my personal one? Or, keep everything under one account and start getting smart with my hashtags?

The idea of all the extra work keeping multiple accounts going isn't too appealing to be honest, which leads me to wonder if there's any software out there that can 'manage' all this work under one roof somehow in order to reduce the additional workload.

Apologies if this has been asked for the thousandth time and thanks in advance for any constructive comments.

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    I've had only 1 account for 2 years but then I had too many different things under the same account, so I've decided to split things up.

    I now have 5 accounts, and things are much better! Each one has it's own niche and it's own targeted audience. The followers interested in a specific topic will only see posts on that topic, and not on others that are not interesting to them.

    It's not so difficult to handle multiple accounts. You can add up to 5 accounts in the app, and be able to quickly switch between them. You can also use auto-like bots for each account, with specific hashtags to each one.
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    I would also recommend having separate Instagram accounts for each FB fan page. It will make all your content much more relevant to your target audience. And if you run adds you don't want your audience to be as targeted as possible.

    I have four Instagram accounts and it's not difficult to switch between accounts. Once you get the hang of it I don't think you'll have any problems.
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    The influencers on Instagram chose to have different Ids on Instagram for their personal and business purpose.
    Keeping one ID surely will not look good as you will be posting personal content among the business-related content. You can have up to 5 id under single instagram app.
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    Thanks for the responses, it all helps a lot. One of the main grey areas was that I have a natural resort with bar and restaurant that is an extension of my home, so a lot of the personal content does in fact overlap somewhat with the business side of things. I agree with your comments though and will keep things separate.

    Many thanks
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    As far as software, I suggest You can add posts, hashtags, and schedule them weeks in advance.
    I manage four accounts.
    One personal and three business. I log in once a week.

    As far as whether or not you can put them under one umbrella, that's a branding call.

    Here's the thing. If all the businesses are related say marketing or fitness, you can create a hub page.

    An Example would be
    They can get away with advertising everything from Bali events to specific hotels and resorts.

    If your businesses are completely unrelated, you'll have a disconnect with your followers. For example, a marketing page couldn't get away with advertising fitness content.

    I always advise keeping your personal account just that. It gives you leeway to play with many different things. I'm into fashion, reading, and outdoor activities. It doesn't have anything to do with the brands I manage on Instagram.

    That's OK. The people following me know I have broad interests and follow me because of it.

    Keep it seperate. That doesn't mean they can't overlap at times.

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    Great, thanks. I'll check it out!
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    you can have multiple accounts in instagram ..but you should maintain individual id for them...
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    it is your wish you can have one account or you can also have multiple accounts.,..
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    Multiple accounts is totally allowed in Instagram. Go for multiple ids too. Maximum ids allowed is five.
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