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It's been awhile since I've done much marketing with FB, so I wanted to run this by the good folks at WF and see if this makes sense to ya'll, and if anyone else has any experience with this.

I'd like to build a new brand up on FB by starting with a page and sharing 30-50 good content videos on my page as well as in 200-300 groups. I know this used to be a pretty solid way to organically grow a page. Is this still true?

In the past, I used Massplanner to send stuff out to groups, but it has since been shuttered.

I've got a few questions that I would love some insight on.

1) Are you doing this personally? Is it giving you solid results?
2) Are there any type of WSO that specialize in this strategy?
3) Are there any current tools that help with this?
4) What are the hiccups that come with FB video postings? Is it better to upload all the videos to FB so they are "native" and then schedule them within FB's system, or can outside software do the trick?

Thanks for any insight folks can provide. I'm happy to share the results of this as I try stuff out!
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  • It depend what niche you're in. My niche has a lot of passionate audience, I'm getting around 120 organic likes per week for free when sharing my content in related groups. I'm getting over between 60 - 100 shares each post. All targeted.

    Regarding tools, I don't use any tool to post to groups because there are only a quite few groups in my niche that has a huge audience size. I can just schedule my video post on my page when I want to go out and reshare them. Some of these groups do not allow reshare post from other page. If you're in MMO niche you may need a tool to send out your conent to all those groups. I think software can still work, but again I don't use any at the moment so maybe someone else can give you a bit more insight on this. I have used it in the past when posting to MLM groups, though. It works. Just make sure to wait 10 minutes before each post so you don't get restricted by Facebook.
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    I have a travel blog and a FB page about travel and I share my posts to around 100 groups I'm currently using MaherPost for this. It's a web app that helps me share my posts to all Facebook groups. Also, I schedule my posts and choose the best time when to be posted. This app helped me a lot and it brought me many followers. Follow this link to try it.
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