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I'm doing an investigation on how my high school could market itself using social media.
My school is a small private international school in Sweden.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how a school could take advantage of social media to build its brand?

some ideas I've come up with are: spreading hashtags, doing giveaways, putting out daily content on snapchat to show the daily life in our school, creating subreddits for parents/students/teachers, putting pics of cool events on Instagram.

So, what are your suggestions?
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    Hello Gabriel:

    You need to design some design wallpapers, photos, school pictures, classroom photos, play ground, functions, celebration etc etc and share them on regular basis on all Social Media Websites - Facebook (Very Important), Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and with the time you will see great traffic on your website and SEO Optimization as well.

    While doing this practice, you need to use some relevant hashtags, SEO Keywords, School Name or some specific keywords to optimize your website in Google.

    You can use canva [.] com for some creative designs.

    Trust me, it really works.

    Good luck.

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    Firstly you have need to design the most popular social media channels i.e. facebook, twitter, google+ etc. One of the best way for getting traffic from social channels is that creating groups in the facebook and join parents and join yourself in the famous groups and create engaging content.
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    Hi, create a Facebook ad to target the audience in your region with the freebies you giving away to invite them to learn more about the school.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    You may also go for paid advertising.
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    I think one of the best ways is to involve your students to promote the brand. See if you can link an event that is happening at your school like a fundraiser, sport or club activity and create a hashtag and get people using it. For example we worked with a school that was divided into "houses" (green, blue, yellow, red) and as bonus points, each time they hashtagged their team colour and the school social media links they got a point. This gathered us a lot of likes and new followers!
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    Yes Gabriel, you are 100% correct.

    You don't have to do anything special. Just share some interesting and cools pics of different events and school life.

    A Facebook page and Instagram is great for that.

    Besides, if you can create some breathtaking, positive video about your school, which can go viral, you can turn your school into a famous brand.

    We have already seen many videos where teachers greet students in interesting ways.

    So, create something like that.

    Once some video/picture goes viral, you are in for the big game.
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    You should share your schools' activities as many as you can, people may get interested in and then they share it with others.

    Some of them may goes viral, that's when you decide what's to do next

    Good Luck!
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  • If you can curate shareable content ,you can build a list of funs that you can market to and they can even share your brand with others.
    I can help you create an email list from social media with curation power.
    Just let me know,you don't even have to write content.
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    Use professional conceptual catchy images of education to make your advertising campaigns grab some audience
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    You can implement the Below Immediately :

    STEP 1 You can start collecting mailID of existing Students and generate traffic to your Web Page.
    STEP 2
    Include Face Books, Twitter pages on your website requesting people to Like.
    STEP 3
    Later you can Target People on Facebook using Similar audience ads.there is a feature on Facebook which helps.
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    Instead of reaching out to buyers via the traditional methods, marketers must now focus their efforts on standing out in the crowd and leaving a lasting impression with buyers.
    Most of the tools I have gone through for the B2B lead generation. These tools namely are,
    It's better to go through tools gives you warm leads by either revealing buying intention or powerful targeting techniques to help you zero down on niche markets.
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    paid advertising is batter then natural marketing.
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  • I prefer paid advertising is better than free advertising...Because it will not reach the peoples that much...
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