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This one will be quick though, quick for me at least... Are there any solid programs out there similar to Pinplosion, but updated to sometime this year? Obviously I'm looking to maximize my site's presence on Pinterest as well as taking full advantage of what it has to offer.

At the moment the primary driver is to get followers and link backs to the site, as well as pins of course! One method I tried recently was from a stoner on youtube... And no, I'm not insulting him, he's a self professed marketing stoner of some sort, ha! But he had suggested that one method to gain friends is to search within your niche, find out whose following those boards \ users, and begin to follow them. From there you're supposed to gain followers, and so the snowball continues.

For me? Not so much! So either way hopefully this isn't mimicking the other Pinterest threads, but I would love to just invest time and even a little money into utilizing what that site really has to offer. As always, thanks in advance!
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    I use a software called Board Commander.
    You can set it up to automatically pin for you, follow and unfollow members, and has a search tool to find public boards which is the way to really get a lot of traffic.

    It's pretty cool software. I would at least check out the sales page and see if it interests you.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am Using Tailwind, it is a complete Pinterest management tool
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    you can use Board Commander for this...currently am using this only..
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    dude you can use tailwind for that ..this is working greatly..
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    Hey guys sorry for the delay, the holiday's am I right?! Either way great \ helpful suggestions, as I'm definitely looking to take everything up a notch!
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