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First of all sorry if you find this topic repetitive. I know the forum may have all the answers to the questions asked here but please bear with me and help me out if you can.

I am trying to build some things to do social media promotion. So please answer or direct me to the right/best direction where I can learn/obtain for FREE:

1. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, reddit, FB:
- Effective FREE ways to increase (targeted/not targeted) followers?
- How to use #hashtags efficiently? (Which will enrich my profile & get visibility)
- How to evade the site from thinking I not a bot or spammer? (I won't use anything autometed)
- Is there any when to stop promoting guide?
- Any question I am not asking?

2. Looking for few guidelines/templates to write articles:
- So I can create original content (500-2000 words) within a short period of time.
- Specially looking for company review templates.
- Also template for short reviews.
3. Not getting banned from YT. I have plans to create a channel only for promoting products videos. So please suggest anything that might help.
4. A place where I can get/buy/order older accounts. Social media or any other accounts which will not trouble me.

If I am asking the wrong questions then please feel free to add your suggestions.

I have known about WF since a long time but joined recently to get suggestions from experienced people. I have very little free time so help me get my research process easier.

P.S. I may add more questions later after getting feedback. So please check this post once in a while.

Thanks in advance.
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