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I have just come across a tool for marketing on Instagram called Insta Crusher.

Have any of you used this tool?
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    I was trying to purchase that tool, but i failed
    I saw this line: One of the receivers can not accept the payment right now, please try later....

    What about you? Did you use it?
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    Never heard of it and just tried to lookup information on it but their website won't even load.
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    I bought it...Gulp!

    It's a $7 front end offer. And of course, they have a PRO version upsell. It's basically a research tool that shows you the top instagram accounts in some of the most popular instagram niches.

    It comes with another couple tools that lets you easily create "quote style" posts for your account.

    There's also some training that comes with it but I haven't looked at that yet.

    I bought it for the research capability and as an idea generator. I doubt that you can use it to get 10,000 visitors in a couple weeks like they claim. But I thought it was worth $7 bucks to check it out.

    I think the launch ends in a couple days if you want to check it out for $7 bucks. The affiliate page is at instacrusherjv dot com. I often find the affiliate page more helpful than the sales page.

    I'll let you know about the software when I check it out some more.
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    I also heard about that but i never used that so i dont have any idea about that.:}
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    yes dude that is a good tool..
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    Insta Crush comes complete with 3 unique apps to maximize your Instagram leads and traffic:

    1.) Auto DB software: a database packed with all the hottest, most
    profitable niches.

    2.) Auto Insta: an automated tool that generates high conversion images from your text to use in your
    posts, save you hours of work.

    3.) Insta Template: high conversion content templates.
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    Yes, Loved it. An аutоmаtеԁ tool-suite which l-tеrаllу does everything fоr you, frоm finding the niche, to сrеаt-ng the posts, to selling tо the right аuԁ-еnсе...

    All you һаvе to do -ѕ click "InstaGo" аnԁ watch the sales роur in. All this fоr the cost оf only a соuрlе of coffees frоm your local саfе, for l-fеt-mе access.
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    No , unfortunately i didn't heard about this tool can you please tell me more about this tool
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    I tried one IG tool for the heck of it and dropped it like a hot potato immediately. Only because most seem to pale in comparison to old fashioned engagement with human beings, Liking photos, commenting on photos and following folks who rock out your niche.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Will you be able to make money with instacrusher? Most likely not. You will gain followers, albeit by using questionable methods, and you may somehow stumble into a few sales but this is not the way to build a trustworthy brand and get recurring sales. Not to mention after the initial membership they will try to up sell. How about doing another method by doing a collab with other influencers to do a shout out for you. Check out phlanx and see what I mean.
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      These apps are so helpful and it really works to grow my instagram business.
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    As far as these tools go, it's on the cheap end. Let me know how you go on with it. I'm about to pay up for a jarvee subscription.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Yes i also have bought this tool and it is working properly for me. And it is so much useful for me in my Instagram business.
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    As per my experience, peoples on Instagram prefer attractive posts with good content. If you have both of them in your posts you will definitely get a good user engagement for your post.
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    Am currently using this tool for my instagram business and this works nice for me. But i have a plan to change the tool .
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    For the business, this tool is very helpfull.
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    There is a huge number of applications for promotion in Instagram. Most of them have free trial periods on which you can try out their functions. Insta Crusher I never used or heard about it. But there are many proven tools.
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    Never heard of this. And what is his principle of work? For example, I always use IG bots, as well as a hashtag generator. It helps me a lot.
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    I have not heard this name for the first time, and I can only say this is not all just the most terrible. for example, there is no hashtag generator.
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    In short, InstaCrusher is just actually really a brand new 4-part computer PC software package bundle. Additionally it simplifies every step required to combine with the Insta Millionaires earning profits and getting traffic and leads to autopilot.
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    If you want to do advertising on Instagram you should have a business account. You can run Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel ads or Stories Ads on it.
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    No doubt InstaCrusher is excellent tool for Instagram.
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    hey, this is a good solution, but in any case, using different bots for Instagram will be a much better decision.
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    I guess you made the best choice by using it
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    What's for?
    Does it provide auto actions?
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  • i tried to make a promotion using instagram. organic promotion is not workout in instagram. always we need to choose paid promotion.
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    yes it's really good, but it isn't free so there's that..
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    I heard it but i dont advise you to use automation tools as instagram will know and it will derank you
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    Try SMMKART or BIGBANGGRAM instead, they rock!
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    Insta Crusher is, in my point of view, an innovative development that streamlines your daily amount of work to a great extent.

    When it comes to social media, Facebook is always known as one of the best places to search for customers. However, there is another gold mine of more than 700 million users and it can even bring more engagement than Facebook: Instagram.
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