Please help me cover the YouTube marketing process in order

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The main drive of my business is going to be informational YouTube videos. My goal is to get as many subscribers as possible, of course, and monetize. I'm starting from the ground up, and I want to cover all my bases but I'd like to have some kind of logical flow. Here's what's on my mind right now, but I'm not sure what order to begin:

-Create a Youtube Channel
-Buy Domain name/host
-Create a website/funnel site
-Create an email list account
-Create a freebie for signing up to email list
-Join Amazon Affiliates (To sell products through my Youtube channel)
-Create Social Media accounts

Yeah, so my head is kinda spinning right now because I'm ready to make the videos but I have to do all this stuff first. Also, am I missing any obvious monetization avenues?
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