I want 100K likes on my Facebook page?

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I am looking to increase my Facebook page likes for a client. What are the best techniques to get maximum likes by free promotion? How much money will it take to reach the 100K likes via paid promotion? Please let me know about the best possible ways to achieve this goal?
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  • You can get free FB likes by sharing the page on your client's website and through newsletters. This can take time though and I suggest you promote the page through the paid ads in Facebook. You can get 100 likes faster and in a more targeted way since FB ads provide you with these targeting tools. You can read ore about FB ads, including the pricing here: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide
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    Similar to a conventional Subscribers List just because the Size sounds great, it doesn't always equate to major profits.

    Think more of quality
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    You can post your fanpage into facebook groups

    Traffic from there is pretty fast
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    I am sure that you can only reach this target if you have engaging/viral content on your fb page. Fb ads only work for engaging contents.
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    it is possible when you share a good content like interesting stuff,so that you can able to get more likes..and try to share your link as many as possible..
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    Getting Facebook Page Likes in the fast process is not possible nowadays at free of cost. By using these methods you may reach your target as soon as possible.
    1. Post your FB page URL in Like exchange facebook groups (Daily 200 to 300 likes)
    2. Add the page URL to your client blog sidebar
    3. If you are using social locker plugin, it helps you to like improvement
    4. You can try Social exchange services like ADDMEFAST.
    5. Add the FB page link in Email signature box.
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        this will wont work.. as many of them will unlike your page.. all the profiles who are liking your page will be a fake. There will be no engagement. you can consider all the suggestions in this page to get likes organically.
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    Nice question this is. Being a Digital Marketer I would like to suggest you that anyone get Facebook likes easily on the page but how many likes are genuine no-one can say anything on it. There are lots of tools available on the web through which you can easily get likes. The best way to get genuine likes on Facebook page is Join related page communities or send request to the members to like your page or you can also get paid likes by promoting your page.
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    i came here to get the solution but i dont get the answer still....
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      ok, as a pretty bright amature at marketing i decided to ask myself what i would do to get a decent result and here is what i came up with
      weekly results shown below
      200 auto engaging likes and replys
      50-80 Add the page URL to your client blog sidebar
      50 Add the FB page link in Email signature box.
      1000- 2000 Post your FB page URL in Like exchange facebook groups
      5,000 competition / contest (ask them to share & like page/content)
      80 from questionaire
      50 instagram colum on fan page

      28,400 per month
      3-4 posts a week

      i'd be lucky to get more then this,
      anything other from this ,any suggestions ?
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    LIKES really mean => nothing .... if you got them from untargeted people
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  • You can try fb free liker..
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    Publish your facebook fanpage in the related groups and page.
    Bhupati Barman Providing Best SEO Services for Skyrocket Ranking | SEO Link Building blog.
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    Hi Rakhi,

    I have written guest posts for blogs with linked FB pages with 2.5 million Likes.

    Guest how many Likes I got on the update promoting my post? About 20.

    Number really, genuinely mean nothing.

    The way to get human beings to engage you on Facebook - or to engage your client - is to engage people. Point blank. Little else works save persistent paid advertising, perhaps.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Thanks, everyone to share your excellent knowledge.
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    Hi.. this guide will use for increasing fb page likes..

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    You can have it done by cross collabs. Have someone with a higher audience reach feature you. If your looking for someone to do that with you check out phlanx.
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    It takes time, but by targeting audience with sponsored posts and providing interesting and eye catching content you can reach the target of 100k.
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    For fb like there you can get lots of ways which are really effective, and the main thing is on these days humongous amount of people use facebook, so here is a big opportunity to get more like on facebook. On this purpose you can share your page in different fanpage on fb, there you can get much opportunity to get like.
    Otherwise you can use fb boosting option which is actually paid but works nice for spreading post.
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    Guest posts are known to be the best way to attract more and more readers to your website and it is imperative for it to be interesting and attention-grabbing. We understand what it takes to create a highly attractive guest post that would bring you a large pool of readers, hiking your website traffic in a few days.

    Maxcro is a active warrior member since 2016

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    Somehow everyone seems to be thus curious of obtaining a lot of and a lot of likes for his or her pages on facebook and it's extremely onerous to induc as several likes as potential currently. you'll do business with facebook pages today and it's thought about that the a lot of facebook fanpage likes you've got the quicker your business can grow. Ummm.... i do know, that right.
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    This you have to decide whether you want the paid ones or organic? Organic will take time but give reliable results.
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    There are many ways to increase Facebook page likes.
    Few of them are as below.

    1. Use images as a regular part of your content strategy. Despite what you may have heard, captivating and relevant images can still be a great way to increase engagement and reach on your page and posts.

    2. The most common reason people unlike a brand page is because their posts are uninteresting. Keep more of the fans you already have by posting engaging content that meets the needs of your audience. See "How to Write More Exciting Content for Your Industry."

    3. Use Facebook's Page Plugin (formerly Like Box) on your website or blog. A like button next to your blog posts is great for getting your content shared, but the Page Plugin will help you boost your page likes.

    4. Engage with other pages in your niche. Regularly leave thoughtful comments in response to other people's posts. Make sure you're commenting as your page rather than from your personal profile.

    5. Promote your page on your other social media accounts. A simple 'Like us on Facebook' is unlikely to work. However, occasionally pointing your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections to discussions happening on your page just might.

    6. Contests are still a great way to entice people to like your page. Promote your contest on your site and to your email list, and make liking your page a contest requirement.

    7. Reference your Facebook page on your blog. Draw attention to an interesting discussion happening on your Facebook page by mentioning it in a blog post.

    8. Post multiple images. Some research suggests posting albums (as opposed to single images) may lead to increased reach.

    9. Keep your promotional content to a minimum. Some experts suggest 80/20 - Posting non-promotional content 80% of the time and promotional content 20% of the time. This number will vary depending on your business, so see what works best with your audience.

    10. In the About section of your personal profile, link to your Facebook page as your place of employment.

    11. Keep your posts short and sweet. Some research seems to suggest that shorter posts (those between 100-119 characters) may result in the highest engagement. Other research suggests keeping your character count to 40 characters or less for optimal engagement.

    12. Offer an exclusive discount just for your Facebook fans. This is a great incentive to like your page; in fact, 42% of people say they like a brand page for the coupons and discounts.

    13. Don't be afraid to get personal from time to time. People want to know there's a real person behind your company, and will be more likely to engage with a person than with a faceless brand.

    14. Regularly visit your Facebook Insights to find out which content is working with your audience. Find the posts that have received the most engagement and highest reach, and share these types of content more often.

    15. Target Facebook ads to users by interest. One of the most effective ways to use Facebook ads is to target users who already like pages in your niche. Using Facebook's Graph Search, find out which pages your existing fans like by typing in, "Pages liked by people who like my page". Target your ads to users who have liked these pages, as they're likely to be interested in your page as well.
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    I do agree with the ones saying content is the main source to get Facebook likes. in my opinion paid Facebook ads to boost a post with quality content is the best way to reach your target 100K likes. there is another thing that is consistency that is as important as your efforts. if the content is King then consistency is The Queen.
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    All valid method you can use to promote your Facebook page, will definitely help you get more likes and followers.
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    you can use any automation site for getting likes and followers...but the best way is by sharing your profile with many peoples and groups as possible..
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    You can share your posts with many groups so that you can get many followers...
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  • Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Get Lot Of Likes on Your Facebook Page.

    1: Fill out your Facebook Page with searchable information.
    2: Know the Best Timing.
    3: Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage.
    4: Engage consistently and at the right times.
    5: Create a Facebook Group.
    Or You can easily get them from QQSumo
    Thank You
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    For paid campaing there are some country have which cost very low. like only costing less then $10 you can find more than 1000+ likes
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      Yeah but why are people Liking? Because they love your content, and will become a customer? Or because they are getting paid?

      Paid Likes are worthless. Just numbers. Waste of time. Far better to help folks and make friends. Get genuine Likes. Humans follow your FB Page. Business grows.
      Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Getting 100k likes is not an easy task but if money is not the constraint then you can promote various posts of your facebook page. This is the only way to get instant likes.
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    Just follow simply these 8 steps:
    1.Interact With Your Fans
    2. Balance Your Posts
    3. Promote, Promote, Promote
    4. Ask a Question
    5. Share the Comments
    6. Hold a Contest
    7. Run a Poll
    8. Advertise to Your Demographic and Location

    Hi, I am a Computer Engineer, software developer. I am the owner of The Techticks an information technology based website magazine which serves recent technology news and ideas.

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    One way I've heard success hugely, is to do a contest. You can include "Like my FaceBook Page" as one of suggestions to win the prize (you can track the Shares by each entrant, so you can give the prize to whoever helps you the most).

    Physical things, while they will cost a little bit (drop-ship something relevant from AliExpress, so the prize can be something worth a lot more than it costs you), seem to be much better prizes than Ebooks. Or let your client offer a discount or free product or service.

    Promote the contest on relevant FaceBook Groups etc. and other social-media, as well as on the clients website etc.


    If you have experience with paid traffic, or have a mailing-list or social-media following (niches: business, finance, money, MMO, IM), I may be able to get you access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list.

    PM me NOW for more info !
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    create beautiful and eye-catching infographics or small videos which attracts folks. if they really like them you will definitely for sure get likes.
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    You need to be giving good reasons why people like your page. I'd also consistent posting is also a key thing you need to nail and get right. That way you build up your audience and get 'fans'.
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    Make your page very attractive with your profile and and with your unique content. This will surely make your facbook page very attractive and many people will visit your page.
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    create a journey interlinking with your products or services with your target audiences. Now you have the idea about who'll be your followers or targets. Enagage with them, come up with the content that engages them, do contest, be human and be a good listener. Run multiple ad campaigns but stick to one goal per campaign, encourage people with your email footers, pdf or document sharing with content locking and many more other ways are there to gain the followers.
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