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I have one registered company. But I will be having 3 to 5 websites(each having separate logo) for ecommerce, blogging, local marketing and others under this company.

How to create social media account for above scenario?. Can I create one account based on my company and link in each of the websites?


I should create social media account for each website?

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    I would imagine it would be fine for you to just use the same social accounts for all of your websites. If they are all within the same niche then I doubt it will be a problem.
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    With Facebook, you would first create a personal account. Then you can create as many separate business pages (fan pages) as you want.

    With other platforms (which I don't have a lot of experience with) you would create a separate account for each.
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    It depends on the niche. If they are of same niche then I would have kept same social media account. It will be easy to maintain and promote. But if niche is different then it's more logical to keep different accounts.
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    Create media account for each website, for sure. If the social site does not let you, then do the one account thing.

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