Expert help needed for Facebook!

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Greetings warriors!

I m planning to use Facebook Ads - for the goal to build a brand presence for our product & build engaging followers.

Our product is an Online Service (SaaS). We write contents on our blog regularly. We share those contents on our brand social profiles, groups, related communities & our small lists.

I wanted to know what the best way to advertise to build engaging followers to our FB page? What should I advertise? Blog Post? Directly FB page? or a costume ads to a costume landing page?

Also wanted to ask about engaging contents types (motivation, quotes, funny vid or pic, stories), or what are the type of contents that goes viral?

I really really appreciate your guidance and support.
Thank you very much for your time.
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    Hello !
    I am part of Digital Marketing Agency and we are now building a strong brand and community in Facebook with blog posts and chat.
    But when it comes to your product/service you should definitely advertise it on Facebook with Page Post Engagement Ads and choosing the right target audience as well. Thus few of the people who have seen the ad will click and land on your website but still you will get a good amount of likes&followers to your FB page and engagement. Doing this now will bring you better reach in future and may be lower advertising rates too.

    Make sure that you respond fast to all messages and reply to all comments. It is not good to hide or delete the negative ones. You'd better engage with your customers' concerns and make their experience with your service/product positive.

    Hope that helps
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      Originally Posted by Ivelina Y View Post

      Hope that helps
      It did actually - now i know what to test - Thank you!

      I see some services pages has like 19k followers - but on their latest post only 1 people Liked it.

      I completely agree with transparency and engaging with followers! and I read also posting regularly & posting rates or frequency is crucial! - on FB i see its recommended to post 1-2 max each day. We don't write article too often on our blog (~ 4 articles/mo).

      So when Im not posting articles on FB page! What you suggest i should fill the reset of daily schedule?

      Looking forward to read your response.
      Thank you again!
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    Facebook is one of the best platforms for brand building. Here's what I'd advise as a Facebook Ad Expert:

    1. First, create brand awareness about your service by running an awareness campaign in ads manager. This objective allows you to get the most reach for ad budget. Remember, you want to reach as many people in your target market as possible. Set a reasonable budget for this. Data from this campaign will also give you enough insigh to laser-target specific audience interested in your services.

    2. Whiles doing this, keep the page active by posting both engaging and valuable content (e.g. blog post, industry news, industry related humour, ask questions, run polls, jump on trending issues in your industry, DIY's etc). Please keep in mind the content posting rule. Don't just post stuff about you. Vary content. Generally, 80/20 posting rule works fine i.e. 80% valuable content, 20% self promotional.

    3. Once you've created enough awareness, say 3-4 weeks, you can then retarget people who have interacted with your posts/pages during the initial brand awareness campaign with boosted posts.

    4. This festive season is a good time to run a campaign and increase your brand affinity, create massive awareness and following. Think of things like "lifetime access campaign" " discount campaign" or even freebies.

    5. Final words, learn to engage appropriately and timely. Also remember Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes lots of patience to grow your brand on social media

    There's a lot I could advise on. This space is just too small. Another caution is, a lot of businesses try to run stuff themselves when it comes to social media. I see businesses burning away cash on very abysmal advertising. Learn to seek expert help when needed.

    **Sorry for typos if any

    Hope this helps too
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    If you are going to run FB ads, I would advertise your service and collect leads.

    Likes and followers aren't worth what they use to be. When you make a post the reach is so much smaller now that likely only a few percent will see it.
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