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by anoss
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Hi guys

does anyone here get traffic from reddit to website with Adsense and get some revenue??
because i heard that reddit's traffic doesn't make any conversion with Adsense
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    Redditors are pretty smart You'll probably have low CTR rate from that traffic, maybe 1% or even less. But if you get enough traffic, it's worth it, isn't it?

    Good thing is that redditors are mainly from tier 1 countries so your CPC will probably be high.
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    i usually use reddit for bookmarking my links and submit my infographic..but i dont think its helpful for getting traffic for adsense..getting traffic is very lengthy process..reddit can bring u only 10-20 viewers per day what not sufficient for your adsense..or you can buy many free traffic program from market what gives u huge traffic..all i can say dont depend on reddit only.
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