how can i get more backlinks from pinterest?

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I want to more backlinks from pinterest.
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    Pin more stuff to your boards in an effort for people to see it on pintrest and use more pinable images on your domain to try and increase the chance people will pin it for you.
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    In addition to Shaun's comments, you can engage with other people's content.

    Another place you can go is and search for pinterest.


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    Identify good and relevant blogs to comment on
    Spy on your competitor's content, fans and links
    Get links from Pinterest shares. Pinterest backlinks
    By doing these You can get more backlinks from pinterest...
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    Pinterest is very popular site for images, another interesting thing is, anything post here it will crawl very fast by search engine because of here amount traffic is massive. So here is a big chance of getting backlinks, these are:
    -Comment on relevant blog it can help you to give backlinks
    -You can check your competitors backlinks, this can help you to get it.
    -You can get backlinks from pinterest shares, if your content is more attractive then here you will get an easy way to get it.
    -Sharing content in social media then share it to pinterest can give a better result.
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    thanks all for the response of my problem.
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    Pin other blogger's posts Sani. Some Pin yours. More backlinks.

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    Why would you want more backlinks from the same website? If you're looking for more visitors then pin good quality content. If it's for SEO, it's probably not going to give you much boost, especially if you're linking to the same page.
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    Go to fiverr and ask for pinterest backlinks for 5 usd.
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    If you want to get more backlinks then you have to buy it on fiverr for pinterest.
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    you should identify relevant blogs to comment
    you get backlinks links from Pinterest shares.
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    You can buy backlinks for your pinterest in fiverr for less than 5 usd. Through this you can increase your backlinks.
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    Pinterest is very popular with search engines. Maybe spend and entire day, week, months just pinning and you will find your profile gaining a ton of traffic to the link on your profile page. Write good descriptions, titles, and categories. Organize your boards well. Sooner or later you will see a jump in your traffic. Link your pins within pinterest to similar boards and pin commenting and you will receive highly targeted links to your pins that will link to your site you want the traffic to go to the most.

    Pinterest is one of those sites that go viral very quickly. If your pins are interesting you will be sure to get a lot of clicks to your sites.
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    I also agree with you here. Pinterest is a great source. And google give preference much. I don't have better knowledge how to get backlinks from Pinterest.
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    rather than looking for Pinterest backlinks try other link building strategies like

    quora answers
    web 2.0's

    these can actually give you good results. focus on these linkbuilding strategies
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    Upload images from your website
    Optimize your pinterest profile
    Optimize your Pinterest boards
    Post Attractive images on various Pinterest boards
    Include quality content with target keywords in your post.

    Hope it helps!
    Thank you...
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    Design Eye-Catching & Soothing images and pin it at regular intervals. Simultaneously, engage with the images of others.
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    Here i have listed few methods through which you can get more backlinks from pinterest.
    Identify good and relevant blogs to comment on
    Spy on your competitor's content, fans and links
    Get links from Pinterest shares. Pinterest backlinks
    Rank your pins and boards on search engines with keyword targeting
    Social Seo
    Local SEO
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    Add new pins in your board by using your website's different urls.
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    Hi Group!!

    I am able to attract more unique visitors and engagements to my Pinterest profile, however, there is no such data of those users on my site's associated Google Analytics..what could be the reason?
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    Share more pins
    follow others and get follow
    Share pins on other social networks
    Like & share other pins
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  • By commenting , engaging with posts, also submission of few more posts. This helps you getting more backlinks from pinterest
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    1. Make sure you have verified your website on Pinterest.
    2. Follow Top players in your niche
    3. Create most followed boards related your niche.
    4. Pin Your as well other niche relevant content.
    5. Join other "GOOD" group boards where you get more followers.
    6. Be active on Pinterest.
    7. Share your pins on other social media platforms too.

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