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Hello all,

I manage a number of Twitter accounts and monetize them using affiliate marketing. I would like to be able to automatically generate compelling tweets (funny/witty calls to action) with accompanying affiliate links. Obviously this could be done manually, but it takes too much time. I think this would significantly increase click-through rates over posting generic messages that don't encourage people to click links. Anyone know of a program or service that would help with this?
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    You monetize the actual Twitter page, or send them to a landing page via Twitter?
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      I just post affiliate links (e.g. Amazon) to relevant products. The problem is that I don't have time to hunt down interesting products and come up with clever or funny Tweets for all of them. So I was wondering if there was some sort of existing API that generated affiliate links along with a good tagline/call-to-action, purely based on some user-specified tags/categories to identify their niche.
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    I guess you have a large enough following that enough people click and/or buy the products? I have several Twitter and FB pages that are taking up space. Monetizing them sounds interesting.

    Not sure of a program that does what you're asking for, but it's a solid idea.
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      Yeah, plenty of people currently monetize their FB/Twitter/Insta followings with affiliate links. It's great if you have a 1 page with a massive following, since you can spend time to craft quality Tweets. If you have many niche pages with medium-sized followings, it can get cumbersome to (a) find relevant products and (b) write accompanying text.
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        I don't have any pages with a huge following, and buying fake likes is like shooting yourself in the foot. Hope you find what you're looking for.
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    If you don't have enough time to manually engage fellow tweeters, you won't have the time to make money on the network, through any medium

    Do some automating, and do A LOT of manually Retweeting other folks, chatting with 'em through @replies and also, just helping people in any way possible.

    Self-serving Tweeters are quickly ignored, and generous Tweeters make friends, grow large, targeted followings and drive sales through the platform.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      I agree. However, I have a niche directory where I like and retweet others in the industry all the time and I don't even have 50 likes yet and barely get an engagement passed "impressions" which means nothing.
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    if you don't have much time for doing all those thing manually, then i would like to suggest you that you can hire a VA who will social media expert.
    i think it should be a good solution.

    actually its depend how big you audience and how many hour need to spend for that.
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    if you want to automate your work i think you should contact mgkom com i heard they have something like this
    i worked with them serval times
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    instead of twitter choose instagram
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    Try taking a look at tweet eye. It's a little know tool for Twitter and many other social media sites that may be just what you're looking for!


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  • There are many automation tools are available.. I have listed some of the best automation tool for twitter..
    1. Buffer
    2. SocialOomph
    3. ManageFlitter
    5. Quuu
    6. Twitter Lists
    7. TweetDeck
    8. StatusBrew
    9. IFTTT
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    There are chat bots in messengers, so should be smth similar for tweeting.
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    I'm working on something myself and would be interested to know a bit more about what you need. My work is about creating branded imagery for social media (ads) but being able to have dynamic text on them. I want to find needs like this to add in using the Twitter API. You can get a glimpse at
    Freelance Software Developer
    Help me to build a great social media branding & automation tool:
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