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Hi Warriors,

As many who have played around in Facebook advertising will know, Facebook can decide to block your ad account for the most minute detail about your ad ...

And it sucks!

Anyways, I operate in the fitness and self development niche and I really want to build a funnel titled "how to build a physique women will love" ...

I know I know, it may sound a bit sleazy.

But the truth is there are certain physiques that I know women find attractive, and I feel I can provide value to men by providing them a workout plan for how to attain it.

My question is, what are the chances Facebook are going to allow me to run an ad like that?

I know there is a guy called "Conor Murphy" who runs a similar funnel, but just don't see how he gets it approved by Facebook.

Any ideas on things I can do to make sure this ad passes review?

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    You will never know unless you give it a try.

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    Build a funnel
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    Go for it Scott. You will get varied answers here, because like any platform, the screening process seems to be subjective at times, depending on the reviewer. Submit and see what happens, then tweak if you find the ad gets banned.
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    If you are posting any irrelevant post or bad content on your post then you can get banned by Facebook...if you dont want to get banned then you should not do all these things..
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    Have you tried promoting your page (that contains the actual post) instead of promoting the actual ad that Facebook dislikes? You may want to check out Jerry Banfield for his method of potentially bypassing a Facebook ad disapproval.
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    You will only get banned by Facebook if you do something inappropriate and something that's against their rules. I say you give it a try and see what happens -Micah
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